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In recent years, the supplement market for pets has seen a huge surge, as pet parents seek non-prescription solutions for a wide range of issues ranging from pet anxiety to pain management and inflammation.

Of all the cat and dog supplements flooding the market, there’s one that is becoming increasingly popular among pet parents—supplements containing cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD.

According to one cannabis product report, around 24% of pet owners in the U.S. use CBD-based products, either for themselves or for their pets.

Though CBD is present in cannabis plants, it doesn’t have the psychoactive properties of THC, the main compound in marijuana. Instead of producing a “high,” some pet parents have found CBD to help ease chronic pain, osteoarthritis, anxiety, and even seizures in pets.

As a doting pet parent with two senior dogs (one suffering from joint pain and another with anxiety), I am always on the lookout for quality natural pet supplements. So when I came across BATCH Pet CBD Oil Tincture, I decided to give it a try.

BATCH product lineup

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After a few weeks, I was pleasantly surprised by the results I saw in my two pups. Here’s what we discovered along the way. 

What is BATCH?

BATCH is a young Wisconsin-based CBD company founded by three lifelong friends, Dennis Mistrioty, Griff Lynch, and Andy Gould. These down-to-earth entrepreneurs pride themselves in providing quality CBD formulas that are science-based and hand-crafted from nature. They offer many human CBD products for humans, as well as a Pet CBD Oil Tincture.

box of BATCH products with note writer received

The CBD market—for both pets and people—is growing rapidly, but is not yet well regulated. So it’s extra important to ensure the product you provide your pet is safe and reliable. Here’s where BATCH’s commitment to transparency, authenticity, and effectiveness really sets the brand apart.

All BATCH CBD is created from single-origin hemp plants locally grown in Neillsville, WI. The company also submits its products to both internal and third-party testing, publishing the lab reports on its website. Customers are also welcome to take a tour of the lab anytime, just by calling ahead. In fact, after writing this review, I made plans to tour the BATCH HQ on an upcoming trip to Wisconsin. If you can’t make it in person, you can tune into the BATCH Instagram account for office takeovers.

What Makes BATCH CBD Different?

BATCH products are not mass-produced. Sticking to their Wisconsin roots, the company takes an authentic approach to ensure that each small batch lives up to their incredibly high standards. Their CBD oil comes from their Umpqua hemp from Neillsville, WI and all of the operations take place under one roof, in Milwaukee, WI, for ultimate quality control. 

To ensure that their products are effective, BATCH relies heavily on scientific expertise. Once the CBD is produced by their in-house certified chemists and formula specialists, it undergoes an internal test. Then, it is third-party tested to make sure the consumer is getting the safest CBD blend without any pesticides or heavy metals. 

Batch CBD Product Line

After doing all my research on BATCH, I was excited to try out the Pet CBD Tincture on my dogs. The tincture is available in two flavors—salmon and bacon—to appeal to both dogs and cats. 

The bacon flavor contains organic MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) coconut oil, raw hemp extract, and bacon oil. The salmon flavor consists of organic MCT coconut oil, distilled hemp extract, and wild Alaskan salmon oil. 

The tincture comes in a rectangular bottle, with a glass dropper (with measurements), within recyclable packaging, and features simple and elegant labeling. Each bottle contains 750 mg of CBD in 1 oz/30 mL of oil. 

lifestyle shot with white golden retriever and bottle of BATCH CBD

Customers can visit the Pet CBD Oil Tincture page on the BATCH website to obtain information on how to use the oil and to find the right dosage for the pet by using the calculator. It is recommended to place the oil under the animal’s tongue; however, mixing it in their food also does the job.

Keep in mind that dosing depends on the weight of your pet. As a guide, BATCH suggests starting with a daily dose equivalent to 3-5mg of CBD Oil for every 10 lbs of your pet’s weight. The website suggests it may take up to one to two hours to notice the full effects of the oil. Once you have a sense of how your pet reacts to the CBD, you can dose your pet once or twice a day, as needed. 

Putting Batch CBD Oil for Dogs to the Test

I received two bottles of BATCH pet CBD oil in salmon and bacon flavors, and I tested the product with my two senior dogs—Indu, a female with hip dysplasia, and Andy, a male with arthritis and anxiety. 

Both dogs are stubborn and wouldn’t open their mouths when I approached them with the unfamiliar dropper, so I opted to sprinkle the oil on top of their food. I checked the dosage calculator to figure out how much to give, which came out to be half a dropper per serving or 12.5 mg. The dogs happily ate their food, and the taste didn’t seem to matter to them. They both liked each flavor equally. 

bowl of dog food getting a dropper of BATCH CBD

I originally wanted to try out BATCH on my pets to see if it would help alleviate their chronic pain. Both are already on veterinarian-approved herbal supplements, as well. However, since we started using the CBD oil, I’ve seen marked improvements in both dogs.

Indu had been having a lot of difficulties walking recently due to her hip dysplasia. However, in the past two weeks, she went from limping, falling down, and being unable to use the stairs back to her usual self.  

She’s now able to go on our usual long walks with no issue, and she no longer struggles with the stairs. In fact, she sprints right up them! Since she’s taking two natural supplements, it’s hard to say for sure which one contributed most to her recovery. But I believe the CBD helped provide further pain relief and improved her overall joint health.

black dog sitting with bottle of BATCH CBD

As for Andy, I am really impressed with how the CBD oil helped with his anxiety. Andy usually gets stressed when he hears loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks. Typically, his July 4th evening is spent huddled in a corner, with a Thundershirt on. 

However, this year, after I started giving him BATCH CBD oil, my boy slept straight through the entire evening of fireworks, without even needing his Thundershirt. 

BATCH CBD for Pets: What Stood Out

After experiencing such great results with BATCH CBD oil, I will definitely keep using the product for both dogs. Here are some things that really stood out about the brand and our trial. 

Things We Like

  • BATCH is 100% transparent about their product. It’s easy to find out exactly what’s in the product and how it is formulated. The website also clearly describes every step of the process—where the hemp is grown, how the CBD is extracted, and every step of the journey along the way, from the farm to your doorstep.
  • The product is third-party tested and the results are posted online. The company has full panel COA (Certificate of Analysis) reports for all of their products. These documents verify that the ingredients on the label are actually what’s in the bottle.
  • The product is a breeze to use. Between the handy dosage calculator on the website to the clearly marked measurements on the glass dropper, it’s simple to measure out the right dose and place it under a dog’s tongue or in their food.
dog looking up at owner holding bowl of food with BATCH CBD in it
  • It tastes great. The bacon and salmon flavors make the oil more enticing for dogs and cats.
  • The company offers great customer service. You can speak directly with CBD specialists by phone or chat between 9 AM – 5 PM CST for personalized instructions.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. If the product doesn’t work, BATCH offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • BATCH uses eco-friendly packaging and shipping options. Instead of plastic, the CBD tincture comes in a glass bottle with recyclable packaging. For shipping, the company uses craft paper wadding instead of bubble wrap and even opts for craft paper tape, rather than standard plastic tape.
  • And most importantly, the product is effective. BATCH worked really well to help alleviate my pets’ pain and anxiety.

Things to Consider

The only drawback that stood out for me is that the text on the label of the bottle, which indicates serving size and other details, is very, very small and could be too hard for some customers to read easily. 

However, even that is easily solved with a quick visit to the website, where that info is readily available.

Batch CBD: Our Verdict

With so many pet CBD products on the market, it’s difficult to determine which ones to trust and which claims to believe. But with BATCH’s transparency and dedication to producing quality products that deliver results, consumers can rest assured that they are getting their money’s worth. I will certainly become a repeat customer, both for myself and my pets!

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