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Feeding your dog nostalgic BARK Snack Pack Treats isn’t just about rewarding your BFF with a fun, tasty treat. It’s also about providing ridiculously nutritious snacks you’ll feel good serving your pup.

After all, as pet parents, we want our dogs to have the very best. But as the dog treat market continues to grow — it’s estimated to hit  $29.7 billion by 2031, according to Allied Market Research — it’s getting harder and harder to choose.

However, dog moms and dads can look to brands like BARK to deliver nutritious treats pups crave. BARK – the brand that invented BarkBox subscription boxes for dogs – knows a lot about what dogs like…and what they need.  The brand’s latest innovation promises to “make it fun to be a dog, and more fun to be a dog person.”

BARK Clucky Nuggy Yumz

What Are BARK Snack Pack Treats?

If you were lucky enough to grow up during the ’80s or ’90s, you may recall that Saturday morning cartoons paired best with just one thing: a (in my case, heavily poured) bowl of cereal.

From Fruit Loops’ Toucan Sam to Frosted Flakes’ Tony the Tiger to the iconic Cap’n Crunch, the tastiest cereals always seemed to have the best mascots. But our dogs were woefully left behind…until now.

BARK Snack Pack Treats for Dogs combine childhood nostalgia with fun and functional nutrition for dogs. These high-quality, super-healthy dog treats are made with real fruit, proteins, and grains. And they come wrapped in fun packaging that gives a nod to cereal characters of the past — just flat-out fun for pet parents with a sense of humor.

Produced and manufactured here in the United States by a food safety and science team that uses only American-sourced ingredients. They’re free of corn, soy, and artificial preservatives, making them an easy treat on your dog’s stomach. Packed with protein, they’re a nice pick-me-up and will likely have your dog in full “zoomies” mode. They provide an excellent dog treat option and align with BARK’s overall mission of making pet parenting more fun.

Dog poses with BARK Snack Pack Treats

BARK Snack Pack Treats: What Makes Them Different?

Unlike other treats, BARK’s Snack Pack cereal dog treats are free of artificial preservatives, corn, and soy. But it’s their branding and messaging that really sets them apart.

Each product and flavor profile pairs with a fun cereal character mascot inspired by the past.  In addition to featuring the characters on the treat packaging, BARK has also brought them to life in a line of pet toys.

Taking it up a notch, BARK has gamified treat-giving, with each pack mirroring the cereal box giveaways of yesteryear. Pet parents receive QR codes to “scritch off” and win exciting prizes like a year of BarkBox, free toys/treats, or other fun mini-games.

Dog sniffs bag of Bark treats

BARK Snack Pack Treats: Product Line

BARK Snack Pack Treats offer a variety of fun flavors and formats that dogs are sure to enjoy. The line includes:

  • Go Nuttys Soft-Baked Dog Treats—Honey Peanut Flavor: This soft-baked honey and peanut treat is free of artificial preservatives, making it easy on the stomach. Go Nuttys features the mischievous Goober B. Nutty, a lovable cap-donning peanut mascot character.
  • Fruity Toot Loops Crunchy Dog Treats – Mixed Berry Blend: This crunchy dog treat comes in mixed berry flavor, thanks to real blackberries, raspberries, and mango combined with wholesome grains. Fruity Toot Loops features a character named Tooty The Toot – a wish-granting fart mascot that injects a bit of humor into the experience.
  • Lucky Duckies Soft Baked Dog Treats—Turducken Recipe: This soft-baked treat features flavor profiles of chicken, turkey, and duck (hence the turducken.)  The yummy treats are even shaped like little turduckens. Be sure to check out the utterly adorable mascot, Lucky McDuck.
  • Frosted Socks Crunchy Dog Treats—Yogurt Berry Flavor: These crunchy treats are made with real fruit and yogurt. The mascot is Jim Sock, a sock who, if you look deeper at the box, is constantly searching for his long-lost twin (presumably lost in the laundry). We love the puns!
  • Meat Hunks (Pork and Beef Recipes): These chewy treats for dogs are meat-flavored (pork and beef flavors) and packaged in soft pouches. Their mascot is the aptly named strong-willed meat stick, Hunk Stickman.
  • Clucky Nuggy Yumz: This soft-baked, chicken nugget-flavored dog treat features Old Goldie, an old Western-inspired prospector, as the mascot.
Bark Snack Pack toys

Putting BARK Snack Pack Treats to the Test

Prior to this review, I was somewhat familiar with the brand, mainly from its monthly subscription, BarkBox. I knew of BARK’s reputation for creativity, so upon opening the box, I was excited to try these out with our rescue pup, Wally.

The first thing I noticed about these products was — as the brand intends — the fun and creative packaging. The cereal box format containing soft and crunchy treats fueled my excitement. Notably, the matching stuffed toys caught the attention of my two-legged children, who ended up playing with them before gifting them to our dog. Immediately, it felt like treat-giving would become a family experience.

Like a good pet parent, we allowed Wally to taste-test each flavor, offering them as a tasty reward. He’s generally a pretty reserved pup, but he loved these dog treats and was clamoring for more. We did notice his energy perk up, and the zoomies were in full effect after he ate a few of these yummy snacks!

Beyond the treats themselves, our family also enjoyed the treat boxes. (Another great nod to the cereal brands of the past!) I played some games featured on the back with my four-year-old daughter, who had fun completing the Fruity Toot Loops wish request form and the Frosted Socks maze. I even played the “Scritch-off” codes, which was a lot of fun.

Things We Like

  • Easy to store. The packaging and formats are incredibly easy to store. Just keep them at room temperature and in a cabinet out of reach of dogs (and kids).  Make it easy to give one to your dog at any point as a standalone treat or post-meal snack. 
  • A healthy dog treat option. These products build on BARK’s existing Ridiculously Nutritious line, so we had confidence that they were healthy (in moderation) and an excellent option for Wally.
  • Innovative and fun packaging. BARK delivered on its mission of making it more fun to be a dog person. The packaging made treat-giving a fun experience for my entire family—parents, fur kids, and human kids alike.

Things to Consider

We enjoyed trying BARK Snack Pack Treats in our family. These dog treats are tempting to dispense, so getting a little carried away and overdoing it with your pet can be easy. Luckily, BARK has feeding guidelines with recommendations on treat quantities to give your dog based on their size.

Child with toy from BARK Snack Pack Treats For Dogs

BARK Snack Pack Treats: FAQs

Where Can I Purchase BARK Snack Pack Treats?

Shop PetSmart to find these dog treats (and toys).

Can Puppies Eat These Dog Treats?

Yes – puppies five pounds and up can eat these treats; follow the feeding guidelines BARK recommends on the packaging.

Would these treats fit in dog games or treat dispensers?

These treats are bite-sized and will fit nicely in any standard dog game or treat dispenser.

BARK Snack Pack Dog Treats: Our Verdict

BARK’s Snack Pack Dog Treats bring innovation and fun to an over-saturated dog treat marketplace. We found them super easy to give to our dog, making treat-giving fun for our entire family. These are some of the best dog treats we’ve experienced, and we happily recommend them. Our family looks forward to making them a recurring staple in our household.

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