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You might be surprised to learn that most dogs have some form of dental disease by the age of 3 (1). Tartar, plaque, and bacteria buildup wreak havoc on your dog’s teeth and gums, leading to bad breath, gum inflammation, and tooth loss. 

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily and having them professionally cleaned annually is the gold standard of care for dog dental health. In addition to these two important tactics, some dental health products, inducing dental gels, rinses, bones, chews, and treats, can help keep teeth clean and breath fresh.

Companies like Zesty Paws take it one step farther, with functional dental bones that include ingredients that offer dental support and other health benefits.

What Is Zesty Paws?

Two bags of Zesty Paws all-in-one functional dental bones

Zesty Paws offers a variety of functional products and multivitamins for dogs and cats. Many Zesty Paws products, including their All-in-One-FUNctional Dental Bones, offer multiple health benefits. All Zesty Paws products are manufactured in the United States using high-quality ingredients without artificial flavors or colors. Best of all, they are formulated to taste great so pets love them.

Zesty Paws is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council; having passed a rigorous independent audit of their facilities, Zesty Paws products can carry the NASC Quality Seal.

The company also stands behind the quality of its products, offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on all of its domestic products and supplements. In 2022, Newsweek recognized Zesty Paws as one of America’s Best Petcare Brands in the category of Digestive Support for Dogs.

Zesty Paws Product Line

The Zesty Paws product line includes liquid supplements, chews, fish oils, probiotics, training treats, and dental bones. Zesty Paws products are formulated to support various systems, including the gut, hip and joints, skin and coat, heart, liver, eyes, and behavior.

Some examples include Zesty Paws Gut Health, Zesty Paws Probiotic Bites, Zesty Paws Salmon Oil, Zesty Paws Skin and Coat, and Zesty Paws Calming Bites.

Zesty Paws Dental Bones

Zesty Paws All-in-One-FUNctional Dental Bones, part of the company’s multifunctional line of products, are chewy with a ridged texture to support gum health and get between the teeth to fight plaque and tartar.

Zesty Paws dental bones do more than support a healthy mouth. Each is packed with wholesome ingredients that benefit a dog’s skin and coat, joints, and gut health and offer immune support. In addition to cinnamon to help freshen breath, other ingredients include sweet potato flour, rice flour, pea protein, fish oil, and turmeric. 

Putting Zesty Paws Dental Bones to the Test

Eva the Yellow Lab is ready to try a Zesty Paws dental bone

You never know how your dog will react to a new treat until you try it out. I frequently test new pet products on dogs in my circle. Eva, a 12-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever I often pet sit, was happy to put Zesty Paws All-in-One-FUNctional Dental Bones for large-sized dogs to the test.

Eva is in excellent health, but in recent years, her pet parents have been hesitant to put her under general anesthesia for dental cleanings, preferring to try at-home products like dental bones. Eva can sometimes get an upset tummy when she first tries new things, so we were careful to introduce the Zesty Paws bones slowly. 

The first thing I noticed when I took the bones out of the package was the delicious aroma. Dog bones are not always the best-smelling thing, so it was a pleasant surprise to catch a whiff of the Zesty Paws Dental Bones, which smell like cinnamon baked goods. 

Eva apparently picked up on the attractive aroma too, and was practically dancing to get her paws on one of the bones. Eva is not a picky dog, but she sure did love these dental bones. This is not necessarily a long-lasting chew for all dogs.

Eva got through the bone somewhat quickly, but she did have to gnaw it into smaller pieces, so she seemed to benefit from the chewing action that should help clean her teeth. The bones were very clean, leaving behind no mess or residue. 

A dog of Eva’s size can have up to two of the large-size bones per day, making them a great morning and evening treat. Eva has some joint issues and her mobility has suffered in her older age, so her owners appreciate the additional calcium and omega-3 fatty acids found in the dental bones. 

Things We Like

  • Zesty Paws offers a huge selection of supplements and multivitamins for pets. Some target specific needs, but many Zesty Paws products, including All-in-One-FUNctional Dental Bones, are formulated to provide multiple health benefits in areas most dogs commonly need help.
  • Zesty Paws products are manufactured in the United States from wholesome ingredients, and do not include any artificial flavors or colors. 
  • My test dog loved the taste of the bones, and suffered no digestive upset, even though she often has a sensitive tummy. 
  • The smell is pleasant and the bones are not messy. 
  • As a member of the National Animal Supplement Council, Zesty Paws products can carry the NASC Quality Seal.

Things to Consider

  • Even the large-size dental bones are somewhat small for a large dog like a Labrador Retriever, and they don’t last a terribly long time, making them more of a treat than a chew. 
  • This product does not carry the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Registered Seal, awarded to dental products that submit the results of clinical trials that show the product reduces plaque and tartar on animal teeth. However, the company is working toward getting this seal of approval.

Zesty Paws Reviews: What They’re Saying

Here is a snapshot of what some other customers have been saying about the Zesty Paws Dental Bones:

“We got these for our 5-month-old puppy to get her used to chewing on dental bones and to start her off to a life of clean, pearly white teeth, and she absolutely loves them. They keep her busy long enough for the house to have a little quiet time, and she has not had any digestive disruptions from them! We will definitely keep getting these for her.” —Ambro

“My fur baby has been using these for several months now and they have been wonderful. I can see a difference in his teeth. He is 13 and I’ve always worried about his gums and teeth. I used to brush them, but it was difficult as he did not like that. With this, it is a fun ‘treat’ to him. I also use their vitamins and they are good quality as well and he loves them!” —WhitneyR

“My dog Ollie has a very sensitive stomach and on top of that he’s very picky. He loves all his other Zesty Paws products so when I saw they made dental bones I decided to try them out. Now they’re a part of his morning routine, he gets a bone after breakfast and it takes away the dog food smell from his breath. He has no problems digesting them either!” —Olliepup

Zesty Paws Dental Bones: Our Verdict

Eva the Yellow Lab enjoys a Zesty Paws dental bone

After testing out Zesty Paws, the overall verdict is positive. Eva the dog loved the taste. Her pet parents (and I) appreciate the bones’ functional ingredients, pleasant smell, and neatness. These bones seem to provide more nutritional advantage than your average dog treat, though the dental health claims will be stronger once the product earns the VOHC registered seal.