When you bring home a cat, pet parents know that cats have the final say on where they’ll lie and when. For snuggly cat cave beds, if they fit, they sit. From your keyboard to cardboard boxes, cats love weird but cozy places to snooze. 

While a standard cat bed might be enough to convince some cats to spare your keyboard, cat caves offer the ultimate cozy comfort cats love. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite cat cave choices that will make your cat purr—or snore- dark, secure, and all their own. 

Our List of Favorite Cat Cave Beds

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8 Snuggly Cat Cave Beds 

There’s no such thing as forcing a cat to do something. However, we can help facilitate wanted behaviors using positive reinforcement, such as finding interest in a new cave. “You want to make the space somewhere inviting to the cat,” Wayne Hunthausen, veterinarian and pet behavior consultant at West Wood Animal Hospital says. Depending on your feline’s interests, place high-value treats in the cave, sprinkle them with catnip, or place your cat’s favorite toy inside. 

From felt to wool, cave-like tunnels and beds, here are the best (and most inviting) cat cave picks that are perfect for snuggling.

Overall Best Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: Best Pet Supplies 2-in-1 Cat Cave Bed

Cozy cat cave beds

Cats of all sizes, ages, and energy levels love this cat bed and cave combination. From the shyest feline to the most boisterous kitten, reviewers say it holds up nap after nap. The plush cushion insert is machine washable, just like the rest of the cave. Plus, the removable cushion can be reversed from a warm, fuzzy side to a cool, fabric side, depending on the season.


  • The wide opening and deep cave provide visibility of the surroundings while offering privacy
  • Machine washable 
  • Ideal for winter and summer use
  • Best Pet Supplies’ line of beds has over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon


  • Only comes in one color (grey) and size (17” x 15” x 14”)

Best Felt Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: MEOWFIA Premium Felt Cat Bed

Cozy cat cave beds with cat peeking out

Look no further than MEOWFIA’s handmade felt cat cave for the eco-minded pet parent and their kitty. Not only are the beds made by artisans in Nepal, but they’re also made from New Zealand-sourced Merino wool. Plus, the company uses no harsh chemicals or dyes to make their large selection of beautifully-colored caves. My cats lie on top of the cave like a bed. But when they’re ready to cozy up inside, the felt never fails to regain its shape.


  • Sustainably handmade from Certified Organic and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Merino wool
  • Comes in two sizes (medium and large) and a variety of colors


  • While MEOWFIA says their large cat cave can fit up to a 20-pound cat, one pet parent says their 18-pound cat can enter but barely turn around. Therefore, it may be best suited for small to medium cats. 
  • Because felt can shrink in the wash, MEOWFIA recommends light cleaning with a vacuum, deep cleaning by handwashing in cold and steaming the cave to restore its shape.
  • There’s no additional padding inside the cave. Most pet parents say it’s unnecessary, and others mention adding a small blanket.

Best Cotton Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: Cat Ball Cave Bed for Pets

Cozy cat cave bed shark design

Everybody out of the water – it’s an adorable land shark on the prowl. Your cat will rejoice in digging her claws and her paws into this biscuit-ready cat cave. Designed to look like a shark, the squishy, soft cave is all cotton. It is available in blue or gray color selections and three different sizes. It makes for adorable photo ops PLUS your cat can safely monitor her surroundings like the apex predator she was born to be. 


  • Adorable shark design is a smile inducer
  • Two color choices and three size offerings
  • Affordably prices
  • Happy customers note how thrilled they are with the purchase
  • Perfect size for traveling with your cat


  • There’s no skid-proof material on the bottom of this cave
  • One opening (entrance)

Best Wicker Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: D+Garden Stackable Cat Condo

Wicker Cozy cat cave beds

If you haven’t considered a wicker cat cave before, this mix-and-match stackable option from D+Garden will change your mind. Rather than cat furniture, the densely woven wicker, and regular-woven wicker choices look more like nature-inspired art pieces. One proud pet parent even mounted the cat caves to the wall, providing their cat a birds-eye view. Cleaning is a cinch, too. Wipe down the wicker with a cloth and toss the removable cushion in the wash. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing, high-quality material
  • Woven material allows privacy without blocking warm rays of sunshine
  • Choose from brown dense woven or brown normal woven options


  • Pricier than a typical cat cave 

Best Cat Cave Bed for Large Cats

Our Pick: Bedsure Large Cat Cave

Two cats on a cat cave bed

Treat your cat like the indecisive kitty she is by providing a cat cave, perch, toy, and scratcher. Sturdy and simple to set up, the secluded cubby is said to accommodate cats who are 20 pounds or more. Plus, the soft-top perch, dangling toy, and scratch pad will provide plenty of stimulation in between all those cat naps. 


  • Large enough for cats of all sizes
  • Sustainably made with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX certified textiles
  • Can be folded flat for easy storage
  • Medium-density fiberboard materials offer sturdiness and support for large and senior cats


  • Some say the top shelf is sturdy enough for extra-large cats, while others note it caves some when their cat climbs on top. 

Best Cat Cave Bed for Kittens

Our Pick: Armarkat Cave Cat Bed

Cat snuggling in bed

This elongated cat cave bed’s liner is super soft faux suede and faux fur. So, when your kitten snuggles up inside, she can feel like she’s snuggling up with her littermates and Mama cat. This cat cave is just one item in Armarkat’s line-up of cozy cat beds. So, no matter how big your itty-bitty kitten grows, there’s sure to be a cat cave or bed that suits her style. 


  • Super soft faux suede and faux fur
  • Crinkle-free for noise-free play and naps
  • Machine washable 


  • Reviewers note the 20″ x 10″ x 14″ cave best suits cats about 10 pounds and under.

Best Budget-Friendly Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: PETMAKER Cat House 

Cat peeks out from teepee cave bed

No need to sacrifice your cat’s comfort when you’re on a budget. For under $15, you can give your kitty this cat cave for soft slumbers and cozy cuddles. It comes with a few color choices, each blends with any home décor.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Removable, orthopedic cushion
  • Easily hand washable in cold water


  • While the brand states this cat cave can hold pets up to 16 pounds, some reviewers suggest small to medium cats and kittens are better suited to it.

Best Splurge Cat Cave Bed

Our Pick: Tuft and Paw Stellar Cat Bed

Tuft and Paw cat bed

Once in a while, a mid-modern century piece of cat furniture comes along that you and your cat must have; Tuft and Paw’s Stellar Cat Bed is just that. It doesn’t look like any cat furniture we’ve seen before, down to its innovative sphere made of yarn and resin. Inside the sphere is a luxurious foam cushion covered in faux fur and Ultrasuede, all perched atop a powdered-coated steel base and held with silicone bumpers. As a bonus, the product has rave reviews (with adorable cozy cat snapshots) from happy pet parents. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Roomy sphere with rigid construction provides peek-a-boo privacy
  • Sphere opening can be positioned however you and your cat like
  • Super-soft foam cushion covered in faux fur and Ultrasuede bed
  • The sphere measures 15” in diameter. With the stand, the structure measures 18” inches in height.


  • This elevated bed may not be suitable for cats with mobility issues, arthritis, or senior cats.
  • This cat cave sells for $299. However, Tuft and Paw offers free consultations with a cat behavioralist to discuss the purchase beforehand. 
  • Tuft and Paw accepts returns within 120 days, but only if the product is unused and in its original packaging. 
Cat peeks out of pretty cave bed

Cat Cave Bed: Buyer’s Guide

According to Hunthausen, stress can play a significant role in the development of behavioral issues in cats — from house soiling to aggression and social anxiety. “Providing a place for a cat to go and feel safe and calm can be helpful,” he says. 

Or maybe your cat has grown out of their kitten cave. And sometimes, you just want to spoil your favorite feline with a new cave. Before purchasing a cat cave, there are some specific qualities, attributes, and features to consider. They’ll ensure you buy the right one for your cat or kitten.

Consider your cat’s preferences. When buying a cat cave, the most important consideration is whether your cat likes the design. In addition to its aesthetically pleasing qualities, you’ll want to look at whether it offers a peek-a-boo view of the surroundings, if it’s more open than most caves, if the material is sturdy or flops down for burrowing, and if it offers multiple ways to snooze or other enticing features such as scratching material or toys.

Evaluate the size. Most cat caves are suitable for kittens to average-sized adult cats. If you have a large cat or one that likes to sprawl, be sure to double-check the cave’s dimensions.

Keep cleaning and upkeep in mind. Be sure to read the washing instructions before making your purchase. A cave with a removable liner, cushion, or machine washable will be the easiest to care for. Check the product’s warranty information and verify it comes with a scratching surface or can withstand scratches and biscuit-making. 

Cat looking out from wicker posh bed

What is a Cat Cave Bed? 

Cat caves are cozy, soft nooks that offer more privacy than a typical uncovered cat bed. “Cats can withdraw into these to avoid constant contact and stares,” says Dennis Turner, ScD, PD, owner and director of the Institute for Applied Ethology and Animal Psychology (I.E.A.P.). “No cat — even if well-socialized to people and other cats — enjoys constant contact and attention, and a little privacy is worth a lot.”

Wayne Hunthausen, veterinarian and pet behavior consultant at West Wood Animal Hospital, notes that cat caves are also useful for environmental enrichment. Young cats, especially younger male cats, love to pester their humans and other furry housemates for attention and play at all hours. “So, I set up a cat cave and place treats in these and all around the house,” he explains. “That allows cats to do what cats do, which is investigate the environment and look for something to eat.”

Our Top Cat Cave Bed Picks

My resident cats and fosters tested out a few cat cave options, but we also consulted experts in the field and considered the following when selecting the best cat caves:

Material and size. From sustainable materials to the perfect biscuit-making fluff, we paid attention to all the details that make our picks attractive to humans and cats of all shapes, sizes, and energy levels.  

Cleaning and maintenance. Your cat’s favorite spot is bound to attract loose cat hair or a rouge hairball, so we considered ease of cleaning when making our selection.  

Price. Luckily, there’s a wide selection of cat caves for every budget. We made sure to select budget-friendly options as well as splurges that are worth the extra spend.

Ratings and reviews. Lastly, we considered real reviews left by customers who purchased the cat cave for their cats. We only considered products with the highest satisfactory reviews.