If you plan to spend any amount of time lounging around and enjoying the outdoors with your dog, an outdoor dog bed can provide an extra level of comfort and enjoyment.

Outdoor beds offer a respite for your pup on a warm day or a comfortable spot to curl up while traveling or on a camping trip.

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor pet bed that provides shade, one that can cool your dog down, or a bed easy to clean, there are plenty of options available. We evaluated the best outdoor dog beds on the market to find the ones that offer optimal comfort and durability.

How We Picked the Best Outdoor Dog Beds

We selected the best outdoor dog beds based on several factors, including features, price point, customer reviews, durability, functionality, and size selection to accommodate all dogs at all life stages. 

When it comes to selecting the right outdoor dog bed for your pooch, consider where and when it will be used. There’s something on our list for every dog, so have a look at our top selections in a variety of categories.

Our Top Picks

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9 Best Outdoor Dog Beds

Best Raised Dog Bed

Our Pick: Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed

dogs relax on raised dog bed

If you’re looking for a simple, well-made outdoor dog bed, it’s hard to beat the Kuranda. This elevated bed keeps dogs off the ground, which helps with airflow and also keeps them away from rocky areas or uncomfortable terrain. These beds are easy to clean (just wipe them down) and move from one location to another. They are simple to take apart and put back together.


  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate dogs, from Toy size to XX-Large
  • Toy size measures a 12” x 14” sleeping area, while XX-large measures a 46” x 32” sleeping area.
  • Color selections include burgundy, smoke, forest, and gold
  • Polyresin patented bed frame constructed from co-extruded, furniture-grade materials
  • Two layers of different types of plastic are fused together so that the outer layer is extremely resistant to chemical damage
  • One-year chew-proof warranty guaranteeing the structural integrity of the dog bed frames as well as Cordura, ballistic, and heavy-duty vinyl fabrics.
  • Kuranda’s patented chew-proof rail prevents dogs from chewing the fabric.
  • Toenails will not wear the material as a lighter vinyl fabric would

Things to Consider

  • Must order a deluxe fleece pad, reversible fleece pad, or microsuede slipcover separately 
  • Be sure you order the right size for your dog’s sleeping and resting needs (consider when your dog is stretched out, rolls over, etc.)
  • Kuranda PVC beds support up to 100 pounds and are chew resistant to most breeds.
  • Kuranda aluminum beds support up to 250 pounds and hold up to strong chewers.

Best Pet Cot Canopy

Our Pick: K&H Pet Cot Canopy

canopy dog bed shades pet

Heatstroke is a real danger for dogs when it’s hot outside, and providing shade is one of the easiest ways to cool a dog down and keep them comfortable. That’s why we love this K&H canopy dog bed. The canopy is large enough to cover the full bed and is a cinch to set up and take down.


  • Attaches to any K&H Pet Cots of any like size
  • Easy to install and no tools required
  • The canopy is machine washable for easy care
  • Perfect for traveling, camping, fishing, picnics, road trips, and tailgating
  • The large canopy dimensions are 30” x 42” x 28” and is available in tan or gray
  • Helps your dog stay cool in the summer heat 
  • The canopy plugs into the corners of your dog’s cot with riveted bungee straps in each corner.
  • Free 90-day returns through Walmart

Things to Consider

  • Be certain to measure your K&H cot to ensure you order the right size canopy
  • Also sold in a medium-size, 25” x 32”

Best Cooling Air Cot

Our Pick: Gen7Pets Trailblazer Cool-Air

Cooling cot for dogs

The Gen7 Cool-Air Dog Bed is a great cooling bed pick that is made of mesh. The mesh material allows for ultimate air flow and it keeps dogs dry by not allowing water to pool on the surface. It is slightly elevated to keep pups off the ground, but it’s not too high for smaller dogs to climb in comfortably.


  • Elevates your dog 7” off the ground, so he stays cool
  • Easy drainage of water so your dog will never sit on a “wet cot”
  • It does not rust and is easily transportable 
  • Measures 31.5” x 25 x 7”
  • The cover material is nylon and synthetic fabric; the frame is made of a powder-coated steel frame that won’t rust outside.
  • Available in one color (blue) and is water-resistant and machine washable 
  • The cot can be disassembled for transport

Things to Consider

  • Medium size dogs up to 60 pounds
  • The larger size model holds dogs up to 90 pounds.
  • Bed does not contain cooling gel

Best Cooling Gel Dog Mat

Our Pick: The Green Pet Shop Dog Cooling Mat

cooling mat for dogs

Your dog’s body activates the gel technology by sitting or laying on the cool pet pad. This mat is available in a variety of sizes and promises up to three hours of cooling relief. When your dog removes himself from the pad, it “recharges” itself after 15-20 minutes. It can be placed on the couch, on the ground, during camping trips, in a back seat, or anywhere to keep your pooch comfortable and cool.


  • Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate all dogs (extra small to extra large)
  • Pad can be placed in the refrigerator before usage for a faster, more intense cooling sensation.
  • Extra small measures 11.8” x 15.7” for dogs weighing up to eight pounds
  • Great for homes without air conditioning 
  • Easily cleaned with a damp, soft cloth
  • Requires no refrigeration, electricity, or water
  • Made with a non-toxic gel 

Things to Consider

  • Do not leave the cooling pad in direct sunlight, heat, or hot air, as this will compromise its performance.
  • The cooling gel pad is not meant to provide cushioning but can be placed over a bed or crate pad.

Best Dog Heating Pad

Our Pick: RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad

dog heating pad

In colder months, a heating pad is a perfect accessory to help keep your dog comfortable and cozy. The RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad has a temperature range of 80 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Time setting includes auto power-off so your pets stay safe. Use caution for dogs with thin coats, as any type of heating element can cause thermal burns if it comes into contact with exposed skin.


  • Seven layers of protection to ensure your dog stays safe and warm
  • The temperature sensor inside the warming mat prevents overheating
  • One-year guarantee
  • Made of water-resistant PVC materials with a removable polyester cover
  • It can be used for outdoor dog houses, indoors, in a kennel, or anywhere to give your dog extra warmth in cooler months 
  • Ideal for puppies, elderly pets, and dogs recuperating from injury
  • Available in several sizes; medium is 18” x 18”; large is 22” x 18”, and extra-large is 32” x 20”

Things to Consider

  • Ensure your dog cannot chew nor access the cord (supervision)
  • Do not fold the heating pad while in use
  • Turn the pad off when you are not home

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

Our Pick: Furhaven Pet Bed Water-Resistant Indoor-Outdoor

Furhaven dog bed

The Furhaven Pet Bed Water-Resistant Indoor-Outdoor is a win-win: it provides an elevated position for your pup to stay off the ground and has a cooling atmosphere. This particular bed comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all dogs.


  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors with memory foam, cooling gel foam, or orthopedic foam
  • Jumbo Plus size measures 53” x 42” x 5” for dogs up to 125 pounds
  • American-made foam and independently tested through the CertiPUS-US program to meet standards for emissions, content, and durability
  • Solid 5” thick medical-grade orthopedic foam soothes pressure points and doesn’t flatten
  • Water-resistant coated polyester canvas is made for indoor and outdoor use
  • The cover and core are washable
  • It comes with 90-day limited coverage against material defects

Things to Consider

  • The bed is not suitable for dogs who are excessive chewers
  • Purchases from third-party resellers may not be covered by Furhaven’s warranty
  • Customers may also qualify for the 60-day worry-free program (read the information included with the bed)

Best Dog Bed with Bells and Whistles

Our Pick:  K&H Products Original Bolster Pet Cot

dog on comfy outdoor dog bed

Why sacrifice quality and function when your dog lounges outside? With the  K&H Products Original Bolster Pet Cot you get the best of both worlds for your furry best friend. Featuring an elevated dog bed with removable bolsters, the mesh center helps pets stay cooler with adequate circulation.


  • The ultimate outdoor dog bolster bed with waterproof, heavy denier fabric so dogs feel comfortable and secure.
  • Raised feature keeps dogs cool in the summer thanks to the 7” ground clearance.
  • Bolster is easily removable to quickly covert the bed into a standard pet cot
  • Medium size measures 25” x 32” x 7” and is ideal for Bulldogs, Boxers, Basset Hounds, and Beagle-type dogs.
  • Breathable mesh center with slip-resistant rubber feet means easy clean up, moisture repellant, and ideal for camping, picnics, traveling, and more.
  • Pet cot accessories such as canopies and replacement covers are available for separate purchase.
  • Cover and bolster are both machine washable, air dry
  • Two color choices, three size selections
  • One-year limited warranty

Things to Consider:

  • The cot is not considered portable, but it can be disassembled for transport 
  • This cot is not meant to be placed inside of a dog kennel or crate
  • This cot is durable but not scratch or chew-proof

Best Portable Pet House

Our Pick: Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Portable Dog House

outdoor dog house

The Floppy Dawg Just Chllin’ Dog House is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. Keep your dogs protected from the sun or rain in this elevated pet shelter. Because it is easy to assemble and lightweight, your dog won’t have to wait to enjoy his new chill space. The best part? It comes with a carrying bad so that it’s easy to transport for travel or camping trips.


  • Medium size fits dogs up to 30 pounds and measures 24” long x 23” wide x 25” high
  • Weighs nine pounds when fully assembled
  • Features metal frame construction and 600D nylon water-resistant fabric 
  • Comes with a soft pad to place over the breathable mesh floor
  • Gray color
  • Also available in large size
  • Easily collapses for transport in a carrying bag
  • The water-resistant cover protects rain from entering.

Things to Consider

  • Stands 4 inches off the ground, unlike others that are 7 inches 
  • Comes with a 30-day return policy

Best Waterproof Pet Pillow

Our Pick: Snoozer Waterproof Rectangle Pet Bed

waterproof dog bed

Take your dog outside and don’t worry about the durable waterproof cover on the Snoozer bed. Available in several colors and designed for machine wash, this bed is cedar and poly-filled. Your dog has a great place to dry after the pool or lake.


  • Available in small or larger and multiple colors
  • Small measures 44” wide x 28” deep x 4” high
  • The cover is machine washable; hang dry
  • Cedar/polyester fiber fill for comfort designed to resist odors and busy
  • Waterproof cover 
  • Made in the USA
  • Ideal for road trips, camping, and outdoor activities 
  • The large size weighs 14 pounds 
  • Each bed is hand-sewn and made to order, not mass-produced
  • One-year warranty

Things to Consider

  • Do not use fabric softener when washing the cover.
  • Be sure to get the right size, especially if your dog likes to sprawl when laying down.

Outdoor Dog Bed Buying Guide: Top Tips

dog outdoors on a bed

When purchasing an outdoor bed for your dog, there are several factors to keep in mind. Before you order your BFF’s next outdoor bed, here are some guidelines, tips, and insights to guide your buying decision.

Pick the right size. Even the smallest dogs may want to sprawl out when they take a nap. Measure the bed according to your dog’s specific habits and needs.

Consider strength and durability. “If you are shopping for raised cots, be sure they are made well, are sturdy, and most importantly–they are steady when dogs get on them,” says dog trainer Laurie Williams, owner of Pup ‘n Iron Canine Enrichment Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. “If the cot moves and rocks, dogs will feel less secure and might not want to get on them.” 

Some beds are not designed for avid chewers. If your dog digs chewing, make sure the bed is one that can withstand those chompers. 

Pay attention to cleaning instructions. Look for a washable, water-resistant cover that will wear well. Because your dog is using the bed outside, the cover will likely get dirty faster than on an indoor bed.

Research the bed filling or stuffing. Pay attention to the filler or material used to form the bed. You don’t want a filling that will collect mold or get wet and irritate your dog. If the insert is foam-based, the cover must be water-resistant. 

Read reviews. Read a variety of reviews, from the 5-star ones to the lower ones. What do pet parents like about the bed? Are there any comments that are consistent to help guide your decision?

Inquire about replacement covers. Will the outer cover hold up under use and washing? Patterns fade, and colors tend to warp in the sun. If this is important to you, be sure you can purchase a replacement cover if needed.

Weigh the overall cost. What is your price point? Do you want fashion and function or simply function? Most outdoor dog beds come with a warranty, so pay attention to this factor before ordering.

Think about portability. If you plan to travel with your outdoor dog bed, consider the ease or transport and weight of the bed. If the bed weighs a lot, it becomes inconvenient to take camping or into a hotel room.