Every dog needs a bed—a comfortable place to rest their heads after a long day of playing fetch, exploring on walks, and following you around the house. And there are so many bed options to choose from, ranging from orthopedic dog beds to bolster beds for the ultimate in canine comfort.

But have you ever considered a dog teepee bed instead? These cute, decorative, and functional dog dwellings offer an instant cool factor and provide your pup with a cozy hiding place where he can chill out and relax. 

Whether you are thinking of a dog teepee bed for aesthetic reasons or you want your dog to have a special covered spot to call his own, we’ve rounded up our absolute favorite dog teepees that deliver on comfort and style.

Our Top Picks:

What Is A Dog Teepee Bed?

A dog teepee bed is exactly what you think it is—a dog bed that is shaped to look like a teepee dwelling. They are triangular in shape and most of them come with an opening on one side so that dogs can get in and out. 

Not all teepee dog beds are the same. Some offer a cushion that is attached to the sides of the teepee shape, allowing for stability. On others, the sides are detached from the actual bed cushion, which gives you different options for how to use it. For instance, you can pull the cushion out and use it in your dog’s crate or in your living room. Some dog teepees come with side flaps that can be opened or closed depending on your dog’s preference, while others simply offer a cut-out hole where a dog can enter and lay down to relax. 

While dog teepee beds may not be the most practical choice of dog beds, they are definitely a cute and fun way to spruce up your home’s decor. They come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy to find the right fit to compliment your interior design. 

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Teepee Bed

Dog in a teepee bed

A lot of the decisions here will come down to personal preference, but there are still some things you should keep in mind when selecting the right teepee bed for your canine companion. 

Choose the Right Size

Dog teepee beds have sides, so dogs won’t be able to easily spread out and may feel a bit more confined when lying down to rest. Make sure you pick a bed that is sized appropriately for your dog, so that he has plenty of space to stretch out or curl up. 

Consider Ease of Cleaning

Let’s face it—dog beds get dirty. Most regular dog beds can be tossed in the washing machine or they have removable covers that make it easy to clean them. But dog teepee beds—especially those that are attached at the sides—may be a bit more bulky and more difficult to clean in a washing machine. Look for beds that make the cleaning process simple and easy.

Don’t Skimp on Comfort

Yes, dog teepee beds look cool. But they still need to be comfortable and practical in order for your dog to enjoy the bed. Look closely at the materials, the cushioning, and the make of the bed. Choose something sturdy that will last rather than a flimsy teepee that will fall over after the first photo. If your dog refuses to rest in the bed, there’s no point in buying it. 

Think About Assembly

Some of these beds will come fully assembled out of the box. Easy, peasy. But others will come in pieces and need to be assembled at home. Most dog teepee beds are easy enough to assemble and put together, but read the instructions before buying to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Our Favorite Dog Teepee Beds

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These top picks are cute, comfortable, and durable, making them ideal for pet lovers everywhere. Let your dog snooze in style with one of these adorable teepee beds. 

Nooee Pet Cave

Flannel Teepee Dog Bed

We adore the clean lines, and super-cool look of this felt teepee pet tent. It assembles easily with a zipper construction, and cleaning it is simple thanks to a removable cushion interior. The gray exterior is neutral enough to blend in with almost any decor and the inside is soft and padded for sleeping comfort. Plus, this dog teepee bed can be rolled up and stored inside a bag for easy traveling. So when you go glamping, your dog can go glamping too! So cute!


  • Sturdy zipper construction makes assembly a breeze.
  • Gray felt fabric is durable and stylish.
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning.
  • Simple to pack or store out of the way.


  • It is only available in one color.
  • The sides are flexible, so the bed will roll around if your dog rolls around and pushes on the sides. 

Enlitoys Pet Teepee Dog and Cat Bed

Arkmiido Pet Teepee Dog Bed

Can we all take a moment to recognize how insanely adorable this dog teepee bed from Enlitoys is? Just look at the star pattern all over the tent! It’s the ultimate nighttime or daytime resting spot with just the right amount of magic. It includes a thick, removable cushion, and the durable, cotton canvas sides offer privacy flaps for when your dog really wants some alone time. While we are suckers for the star pattern, this bed also comes in dot/airplane and chevron options as well.


  • Comes with a small chalkboard for writing your dog’s name or a greeting.
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning.
  • Simple to assemble and take down. 
  • You can open and close the flaps to offer your dog privacy.


  • Only recommended for dogs up to 22 pounds.
  • You will have to put it together, but it’s easy to do at home. 

Little Dove Pet Teepee

Little Dove Dog Teepee Bed

If your home is a little more neutral, but you’re still going for a bohemian vibe, this pet teepee from Little Dove is everything you could want. It’s made from a cream-colored cotton canvas and pine poles. Better yet, the canvas is machine washable, so cleaning is a cinch. But what we love most about this dog teepee bed is the pom-poms that frame the opening and the two larger ones that hang from the top. They simply elevate the design and make it feel more expensive than it really is. This also comes with an optional pom-pom pet mat for comfy snoozing. 


  • Durable and machine-washable cotton canvas material.
  • Can assemble and take down in less than 5 minutes.
  • Comes with a chalkboard for writing your pet’s name or a greeting.
  • Did we mention the pom-poms? 


  • Meant for small dogs (under 26 pounds) and cats.
  • Some reviewers complained that it didn’t come with assembly instructions.
  • Can be machine washed, but should air-dry flat.

Best Friends by Sheri Novelty Pet Hut

Best Friends by Sheri Novetly Pet Hut

If camping and spending time in the wilderness is your jam, then this Happy Camper Pet Hut is the ultimate decor item for your adventurous pup. This dog teepee bed is all one piece and is more like a cave than a traditional teepee design, which is great for dogs who enjoy burrowing. It offers a removable cushion that can be easily cleaned and pet-safe foam makes it lightweight and a cinch to transport. The cute “happy camper” lettering and plaid curtains provide a finishing touch that we honestly can’t resist. 


  • Cave-like design for dogs that like to burrow.
  • Removable cushion for easy cleaning.
  • Fun, camp-themed design.
  • No assembly required. 
  • Cats can use this bed, too!


  • Meant for puppies or very small dogs up to 15 pounds.
  • Only one color option available for the camping-themed teepee bed.

Pickle and Polly Small to Medium Teepee Dog Bed

Pickle and Polly Small to Medium Teepee Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a dog teepee bed that is modern and sleek, this option from Pickle and Polly is a nice choice. It offers a streamlined design with a large opening that makes it easy for dogs to get in and out. It comes with a removable and comfortable cushion, and medium-weight fabric sides—which can both be thrown into the washing machine for easy cleaning. Natural, pine poles hold the structure up, and it’s simple enough to set up and break down. This dog bed is available in three different color options—all crafted to compliment modern homes. 


  • Easy set-up and break down.
  • Removable cushion and washable sides for easy cleaning.
  • Large opening makes it easy for dogs to get in and out.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Three different colors available.


  • Recommended for small to medium dogs under 15 pounds.
  • If you have a dog that likes to roll around, this teepee might not be sturdy enough. 

Striped Teepee Dog Bed for Small Dogs

Striped Teepee Dog Bed

If you want a teepee dog bed that is a cinch to fold up and put away, this fun, striped option from WANTRYAPET definitely makes things easy. We love the retro, beachy design of this and appreciate that it has a sturdy, folding structure that doesn’t take a lot of fiddling or finesse to get it to stand upright. Instead of poles, this dog tent bed has a front and back foldable frame made out of New Zealand pine. If you want to travel with this or simply put it away, you just fold it up and you’re done! This bed is made out of durable canvas material and comes with a soft, removable cushion for comfort. 


  • Very easy to assemble with the folding structure.
  • Nice and sturdy.
  • Easy to store away or travel with.
  • Removable cushion.


  • Recommended for dogs (and cats) under 15 pounds.
  • Only one color option—gray and white stripes.

Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dogs by Best Pet Supplies

Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dogs

We really like this dog teepee bed from Best Pet Supplies for a variety of reasons. First, it comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to struggle with poles or fabric when you open the box. Second, it is made from high-quality linen or corduroy materials for durability and style. Third, this bed is available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, so it can accommodate a range of dogs and home decor trends. And lastly, the whole bed is machine washable, making it a breeze to keep clean. 


  • Comes pre-assembled out of the box.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
  • Available in three different sizes.
  • Structured sides are good for dogs that like to burrow.
  • High-quality linen and corduroy materials.


  • Even the largest size does run a little small. 
  • Some reviewers complain that the pillow it comes with is a bit flimsy.

Featured photo courtesy of Maggie Loves Orbit.