Every cat lover knows our feline friends enjoy climbing, exploring, and napping in high places. Cat trees are terrific ways to keep your kitty friends happily entertained and save your furniture. Yet all cat trees, towers, and condos are not the same. Some are 6 feet tall and will support a large cat. Others are better for kittens or more petite kitties. 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite cat trees on Amazon to help you choose the right option to give your cats some climbing fun. 

Our Top Picks 

How We Chose Our Top Amazon Cat Trees and Towers

If you’re considering buying a cat tree for your kitty, you might feel a little overwhelmed by all the options. Amazon’s search turned up thousands of options. So to help you narrow down your choices, we rounded up Amazon’s best cat trees and towers based on safety, price points, and durability. Cat parent reviews and their kitty observations also helped.  

8 Best Cat Trees on Amazon

Best Overall Cat Tree on Amazon

Our Pick:  WIKI 002G Cat Tree with a Ball Activity Center Cat Tower

WIKI 002G Cat Tree
Size (LxWxH)25.98 x 16.14 x 35.43 inches
Colors AvailableGray
Weight LimitNot specified
Material(s)Engineered wood, faux fur, jute posts

Three levels on this Amazon cat tree give your kitty options, including a top-level observation platform. The faux fur is comfortable for cats, and the Natural Jute Posts are attractive yet provide an excellent cat scratching option. A hammock offers a hanging napping spot on this durable cat tower. Over 9,000 reviews ranked this Amazon cat tree as a good value for the money.


  • Attractive price point 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Soft fabric 
  • Scratching posts in between levels. 

Things to Consider 

  • Place against a wall for added stability 
  • Could slide a little on tile or hardwood floor 
  • May want to add weight to the bottom to improve strength.  

Best Small Cat Tree

Our Pick: Yaheetech 51in Cat Tree Tower Condo

Yeetech cat tree
Size (LxWxH)19.5 x 19.5 x 54 inches
Colors AvailableBeige
Weight Limit44 pounds
Material(s)Particle board, plush cover, sisal rope

This Amazon best-selling cat tree has garnered over 10,000 five-star reviews. Made of sturdy particleboard with a soft plush covering and sisal rope on the corners for claw sharpening, cats love it. Multiple lounge areas give your kitty options. We also like that it’ll fit in the corner of any room and includes two dangling balls for interactive play. 


  • 2 kitty condos for those who want a little privacy when they nap 
  • A cat-ear-shaped couch at the top for those who enjoy surveying their kingdom from a comfortable perch 
  • Easy to clean 

Things to Consider:

  • With a weight limit of 44 pounds, this Amazon cat tree is ideal for smaller kitties
  • Some reviewers said this cat tree was a little tricky to assemble 

Best Amazon Cat Tree for Large Cats

Our Pick: Go Pet Club 72″ Cat Tree Condo

Go Pet Club 72 inch Cat Tree
Size (LxWxH)22 x 33 x 72 inches
Colors AvailableBeige, black, brown, black/brown, gray, paw print
Weight LimitNot specified
Material(s)Engineered wood, faux fur, and sisal rope

Cats love the height, multiple levels, and huts for hiding on this big cat tree. Multiple reviewers said their Maine Coon cats love this cat tree, so you know it’ll stand up to big cats. With 15 levels, this large cat tree is taller than most, so it’s perfect for kitties who want the highest spot in the room. Sisal rope offers a tough fabric for claw sharpening while still looking stylish. This comfortable cat tower will fit in the corner of your room and is easy to assemble. 


  • 15 levels offer your cat options 
  • Large and sturdy enough for large cats
  • Attract price point for the quality (especially for Prime members) 
  • Easy to assemble
  • 52 pounds which makes it on the heavier side 

Things to Consider 

  • Because of its height, some reviewers recommended bracketing it to the wall for added stability
  • Some reviewers reported their cats caught their claws in the attached dangling mice causing some panic. You could remove the toy mouse 
  • Top shelf may not be sturdy enough for larger cats unless you bracket it

Best Cat Treehouse on Amazon 

Our Pick: Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Tower Interactive Playground 

Furhaven Tiger Tough Interactive Cat Tree Tower
Size (LxWxH)69.3 x 19.7 x 19.7 inches
Colors AvailableCream, silver, gray
Weight LimitNot specified
Material(s)Polyester, sisal

This kitty playground offers multi-level design to encourage your kitties to climb and play for a healthier lifestyle. The soft faux fur fabric covers the cat treehouse, so your feline friend has plenty of areas for lounging. There’s a hideaway cave for some alone time and plenty of variety for mental stimulation. From hanging balls to sisal scratching posts your kitty will find something to entertain himself. Includes a “busy box” with a hanging mouse and other toys. 


  • Sturdy 
  • Multiple cats can use it 
  • The “Busy box” provides mental stimulation
  • Easy to clean 
  • 90-day, limited-coverage warranty against material defects if purchased from Furhaven

Things to Consider 

  • Some reviewers said their cat’s claw got trapped with the toys and had to be rescued 
  • Other reviews said it took up more space than expected because it can’t be flush to the wall 
  • More expensive than most of the other cat trees

Best Affordable Cat Tree on Amazon

Our Pick: Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree Tower 

Amazon Basics Cat Tree
Size (LxWxH)19.29 x 19.29 x 51.57 inches
Colors AvailableBeige
Weight LimitNot specified

The Amazon Basics cat condo provides plenty of room to scratch, climb, and play for the active cat. The carpeted surfaces (light gray) offer easy scratching and give your cat a comfortable place to rest. Crafted with light-gray plush carpeting, this cat condo tree features a strong base that helps keep the unit stable as your cat plays or relaxes on the various platforms and perches. And because it’s lightweight at just over 15 pounds, the cat condo is easy to move from one room to another.


  • Sturdy 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Attractive price point 


  • Could wobble at the upper tiers, especially if you have a larger cat
  • Low for cats who want to climb 

Best Cat Tree for Multiple Cats

Our Pick: Hey-brother Large Multi-Level Cat Tree Condo Furniture 

Hey-brother extra large cat tree
Size (LxWxH)16.9 x 16.9 x 40.5 inches
Colors AvailableBeige
Weight LimitNot specified
Material(s)Sisal, plush

Finding a cat tree for multiple adult cats can be a challenge. This 6-level cat tree can support multi-cat households as they climb, play, and nap. It features two top-level beds, a separate hammock-style bed for catnaps, dangly balls for batting fun, scratching posts, and two hideaway kitty condos for privacy. A wide platform at the bottom keeps this Amazon bestseller stable. 


  • Stable 
  • Attractive 
  • Supports multiple cats 
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly 

Things to Consider

  • Recommended to put it flat against the wall 
  • Comes with additional materials to secure against the wall for extra stability 

Best Cat Scratching Tower

Our Pick: Cat Craft Three-Tier Cat Tree

Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree
Size (LxWxH)Fits flat ceilings between 7.5 and 9 feet. Adjusts in heigh from 90-108 inches.
Colors AvailableCharcoal, dark chocolate, gray, tan
Weight LimitNot specified
Material(s)Fabric-wrapped particle board

If it’s a true cat scratching tower you’re looking for, this is the one. This Amazon cat tower fits into a small space and the tension rod makes it easy to set up. Since it is held in place by a tension rod, it will wobble when your cat jumps on it mimicking a real tree. The neutral charcoal color will fit most decors. The three different levels give your cat options.


  • Fits anywhere with a standard height ceiling 
  • Space-saving for small areas 
  • Plenty of levels for your cats to leap and lounge 
  • Attractive price point

Things to Consider: 

  • Best for small and medium-sized cats 
  • May need regular adjustment for stability as leaping cats can cause it to shift 

Best Modern Cat Tree on Amazon

Our Pick: Lahas Modern Cat Tree Tower for Indoor Small Cats 

Lahas Modern Cat Tree Tower
Size (LxWxH)19.7 x 14.5 x 5.8 inches
Colors AvailableBeige
Weight Limit33 pounds
Material(s)Teddy velvet covering, sisal rope

Three levels give your cat options while a dangling toy adds a fun interactive element. The sturdy base keeps it stable, while the scratching posts give your kitty a suitable alternative to climbing your furniture or drapes. The thickening pillar to the top tier perch helps keep it from moving and shifting too much. As a smaller cat tree, it won’t dominate your decor like some other cat towers. 


  • Sturdy thanks to the platform at the bottom 
  • Fits any decor 
  • Easy assembly 
  • 1-year warranty

Things to Consider 

  • Advertised as a “kitten tree” so may not fit larger cats 
  • Lack of cushion—some reviewers said the covering was thin 

Amazon Cat Tree and Tower Buying Guide

Cat on cat tree

When shopping for your best Amazon cat tree, there’s a lot to consider. Before ordering, it makes sense to review these buying basics and consider the following tips before checking out. 


Some cat trees are best for kittens. If you’re buying a cat tree for older or larger cats, then you’ll want to make sure it’s stable enough for large adult cats and has spaces to accommodate their fuller size. You can review the best cat tree for larger cats for a good option and plan to attach it to your wall for added stability, 

Additionally, some reviewers mentioned their cats got tangled with the dangly balls and mice toys that come with some cat trees. You can always remove these features if you suspect it could be a problem for your cat.


When choosing an Amazon cat tree, you want to know your cat won’t destroy it quickly. Look for soft-but-sturdy cushions and rough materials like sisal or jute for the claw sharpening areas. Most cat trees are made of some type of particle board that varies in durability, but if you get a best-selling, size-appropriate tree with good reviews, most will hold up. 

A Warranty or Guarantee 

No one wants to buy a cat tree and have it fall apart a week later. Some companies offer warranties or a guarantee for peace of mind. Make sure you review the specific warranty and instructions in case you need to register your cat tree upon receipt. 

Find a Reputable Seller

It’s not uncommon to buy products from a 3rd-party reseller on Amazon, but before you do, you’ll want to make sure they can ship the product quickly and if they charge separately for shipping. You’ll also want to know if purchasing from a reseller voids any warranties from the manufacturer.

Check the size

One of the most confusing things about buying a cat tree on Amazon is the sizing. This doesn’t only to the height and width of the overall cat tower but the size of the platforms, beds, and kitty condos. Check the measurements before ordering to ensure that the cat tree will fit in your space and is a good size for your feline. 

Amazon Cat Tree FAQs

Can cat trees purchased on Amazon be returned or exchanged?

According to Amazon’s Exchange Page, exchanges should be made within 30 days, and most returns can be made within the same timeframe for a refund. Individual purchases vary, of course, so review the exchange and return policy for the specific cat tree you’re considering before ordering.

Why do cats need cat trees?

Cats love being elevated, and most enjoy climbing. Cat trees offer a form of enrichment for cats with scratching posts, multiple elevations for a better view, and cozy protection within hammocks or kitty condos. Besides offering a cat-only resting place, they provide an excellent play area and an alternative to your drapes and furniture as scratching posts.  

How do you clean a cat tree?

Whether your kitty sheds on the cat tree or it’s gotten dirty over time, there are several ways you can clean a cat tree. For example, you can vacuum stray pet hair with a suction attachment. If you want to spot clean the cat tree, you can mix cat shampoo and water until it’s sudsy, then use a sponge or cloth to rub it into the area. Make sure you rinse it well with clean water, so your cat doesn’t lick shampoo residue. Some cat trees also have wipeable or removable surfaces that can be wiped down or put into a washing machine.

Where should I put a cat tower?

Deciding where to put your cat tower or tree is up to you and what will work in your personal space. When your cat tower is against a wall, it has stability for jumping and climbing cats. If you can put it in a corner with a window, your cat will enjoy the window-side perch.