Staying on top of grooming keeps your dog’s coat healthy, clean, and free from mats. Whether you take your dog to be professionally groomed or do it yourself, having some grooming tools at home — especially brushes — is a must.

When choosing a brush for your dog, it’s important to take their coat type into consideration. But no matter if they have a thick coat or long hair, smooth or wiry texture, a slicker brush for dogs is one of the best tools you can have in your grooming kit. 

If you’ve considered purchasing a slicker brush but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our list of the best dog slicker brushes out there.

Our Top Dog Slicker Brush Picks

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6 Best Dog Slicker Brushes of 2024

Ready to take your grooming game to the next level? Check out our list of the best dog slicker brushes on the market.

Overall Best Slicker Brush for Dogs

Our pick: Chris Christensen Mark Slicker Brush

Chris Christensen Mark Slicker Brush

One of the most recommended slicker brushes from groomers, including Hererra, is the Chris Christensen Mark Slicker Brush. Featuring a high-quality design that’s easy to hold and effective at maintaining your dog’s coat, the brush is made with stainless steel pins that have polished tips, reducing the chance they might scratch your dog’s skin. It also has a unique, curved shape so there’s no uncomfortable wrist bending and twisting. The lightweight yet durable beech wood body makes it less heavy than other brushes.

This option is a splurge compared to other dog slicker brushes, however the price is still fairly attainable and can be worth it to reduce matting and tangles in your pup’s fur. It’s also available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the best one for your dog’s size and hair type.


  • High-quality design includes stainless steel pins and a beech wood body and handle
  • Curved shape is easier on the wrist
  • Polished tips help avoid skin irritation
  • Multiple sizes available


  • Higher price point

Best Budget-Friendly Slicker Brush

Our pick: Paw Brothers Flat Slicker Brush for Dogs

Paw Brothers Flat Slicker Brush for Dogs

You don’t need to necessarily spend a ton of money to find a good quality slicker dog brush. In fact, Herrera also recommends this brush — priced at under $15 — as one of her favorites. The stainless steel brush has rounded corners that won’t catch onto fur, as well as a rubber, non-slip grip on the handle to make it comfortable to hold. Plus, the pins are extra long to reach through thick hair and quickly clear tangles.

This brush is available in multiple sizes. While you’ll want to choose the larger version for big dogs or those with long hair, at such an affordable price, you might even consider trying a variety of sizes for different body parts and hair lengths.


  • The budget-friendly price and quality design make it a smart purchase
  • Rubber grip is comfortable to hold during long grooming sessions
  • Extra-long pins clear tangles in thick hair
  • Available in multiple sizes


  • Some customers had issues with the large version being too small for their pup; be sure to review the brush sizes available so you can pick the best option for your dog’s size and coat type

Best Soft Slicker Brush for Dogs

Our pick: FURminator Soft Slicker Brush for Large Dogs

FURminator Soft Slicker Brush for Large Dogs

If your dog has a fine, silky coat, choosing a soft slicker brush like this one can be helpful. Unlike rigid brushes with hard backs, soft slicker brushes are flexible, allowing them to bend against your dog’s skin or fur, which can result in a gentler grooming session. 

This brush in particular is ideal because of the comfortable grip on the handle and the double-sided head with two different pin types: long, angled pins on one side to help remove excess fur and reduce shedding, and bent-tip pins on the other to help clear tangles. Size options are limited to large dogs, however, so this pick isn’t ideal for smaller pups.


  • Soft, flexible brush is ideal for silky-coated dogs
  • Different pin types on each side help remove excess fur and get rid of tangles
  • Comfortable rubber handle makes it easy to hold


  • Dogs with curly hair might benefit from a firm slicker brush instead
  • May be too large for smaller dogs

Best Slicker Brush for Long-Haired Dogs

Our pick: #1 All Systems Slicker Brush for Dogs

#1 All Systems Slicker Brush for Dogs

While many slicker brushes are designed for dogs with long hair, this one has extra-long pins to make grooming easier. Highly affordable and recommended by Herrera, the brush features a sturdy wooden handle, an air-cushioned pad, and long, bent surgical stainless steel pins — a combination that allows it to effectively clear mats and remove excess hair while remaining gentle.

If you have a large dog, choose the bigger brush sizes for a quicker grooming process. Or pick up both a larger and smaller size for easier access to different areas of your pup’s body. 


  • Extra-long, bent stainless steel pins are great for getting rid of mats
  • Made with quality wood 
  • Air-cushioned pad with rolled edges
  • Great price point


  • Hard handle can be uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time

Best Slicker Combo Brush for Dogs

Our pick: Pet Life Flex Series Green 2-in-1 Dual-Sided Slicker and Bristle Grooming Pet Brush

Pet Life Flex Series Green 2-in-1 Dual-Sided Slicker and Bristle Grooming Pet Brush

While a slicker brush can accomplish most grooming tasks, a bristle pet brush helps clean a dog’s coat as it distributes natural oils through the hair. Together, they make for a nearly complete at-home grooming system. But instead of using two different brushes, this 2-in-1 brush combines them both with a dual-sided system. 

This brush has a unique “hinge” system that reduces how much it pulls the hair, providing an overall more comfortable experience for your pup. Plus, the rubber handle grip makes it more comfortable for you, too. And best of all, the cost for this one brush is much more affordable than it would be to buy the two brushes separately. 


  • Dual-sided brush clears tangles and keeps fur clean
  • Highly affordable price for a 2-in-1 product
  • Flexible head makes grooming more comfortable for your dog
  • Air-cushioned pad on the slicker side
  • Saves space while traveling


  • The brush is made of plastic, which can be less durable than wood or steel options

Best Slicker Brush for Doodles and Curly Coats

Our pick: Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

Chris Christensen Big G Dog Slicker Brush

This is the second mention of the Chris Christensen brand, although this one comes with a much bigger price tag. But if you have a Doodle or a dog with a similar curly coat, then the cost might be worth it. With Doodles and other curly-coated dogs, daily brushing is a must to keep their fur healthy and free of knots. And when you’re spending so much time grooming them, investing in a high-quality brush can be helpful. 

The long, bent stainless steel pins are densely distributed to grab onto thick coats, and while it’s tough on knots and matting, the cushioned pad reduces pulling and makes it more comfortable for your dog. Plus, the ergonomic handle is extra long, so it’s easy for you to hold, too. And when tangles are cleared, the brush helps fluff up and tame curly coats.


  • Features more extra-long, dense “comfort-glide” pins to remove matting and tangles on thick hair without irritating dog’s skin
  • Can be used to fluff curly coats
  • Multiple sizes to choose from for different parts of the body
  • GroomGrip rubber coating reduces discomfort while brushing


  • One of the most expensive slicker brushes on our list

What Is a Dog Slicker Brush?

large fluffy white dog being brushed

“A slicker brush is a brush with rows of thin wired pins and typically an air-cushioned pad to help protect the skin and coat,” explains Cat Herrera, dog groomer at Jess Rona Grooming. The pins are flexible, so they won’t pull hair, but you definitely want to be gentle since the tips of the pins can irritate skin if used too roughly.

A slicker brush helps maintain your dog’s coat, breaks up tangles, and keeps it from matting. “As a groomer, I use the slicker brush to thoroughly check the coat for any tangles before I start combing or deshedding,” says Herrera. If matting has already occurred, a slicker dog brush can even be used to break it up.

“It can be used on double-coated breeds like Golden Retrievers, long-haired breeds like Poodles, and even the scruffy Terriers with long wiry coats,” Herrera adds. The only coat type it might not be as helpful on is extremely short coats, which typically don’t experience any tangles. Slicker brushes are available in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one that works for your pet.

How We Selected Our Top Slicker Brush Picks

To choose the top dog slicker brushes, we first spoke to groomers to get their favorite picks and recommendations while also considering the following:

Design. We looked at things like the length/style of the bristles on each brush, calling out the functionality of the different types. We also kept an eye on comfort features for both you and your pup, such as brush and handle shape, padded grips, etc.

Reviews. In addition to speaking with groomers, we checked out the review section to see what the pet parent community had to say about each brush on our list.

Price. A good slicker brush can be found for under $20, but professional tools can go as high as $80 or above. We looked at the cost of each brush, providing some budget-friendly picks, as well as a few more expensive options. 

Dog Slicker Brush Buying Guide

Unless your dog has very short hair, they can benefit from a slicker brush. In general, the average slicker brush is ideal in most situations, however some subtle differences can change how a particular slicker brush works for your pet. Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a dog slicker brush:

What size brush/pins do you need? Different dog sizes and coat types call for different options. Those with long, thick hair can benefit from a slicker brush with longer pins, and larger dogs tend to need a larger brush head. 

Is it cushioned? No matter what size you choose, Herrera recommends choosing a slicker brush that has a cushioned top. This will help provide added comfort for your pup as you brush.

Tips or no tips? Some dog slicker brushes have tips on the ends of the pins, which help keep them from scratching the skin. But for dogs with curly or very long hair, these might be more of a hindrance than a help. In general, being gentle is all you need to prevent brush burn and scratches on your dog’s skin.

Tips for Using Slicker Brushes

light-colored poodle mix dog being brushed by groomer

Even if your dog is regularly groomed by professionals, it’s a good idea to brush their coat often to keep it free of tangles. Working a nice brushing session into your regular routine can definitely help maintain your dog’s coat. Plus, it’s a great bonding experience for you and your pup!

“I would recommend for the average pet owner to brush through your dog’s coat at least once a day or maybe every other day with a slicker brush,” says Herrera. “Depending on how active your dog is and the length of your dog’s coat, some dogs might require more or less.” 

If your furry friend has already developed matting that you plan to remove at home, Herrera has a few tips. “I recommend using your other hand to hold the tangle to avoid causing too much friction on your dog’s skin (which could lead to brush burn),” she advises. “Depending on how big the tangle might be, you might want to try and break it into smaller pieces to maintain as much of the coat as possible.”

While slicker brushes make sense for many grooming tasks, Hererra explains that a dog undercoat rake, deshedding tool, or another type of brush may be necessary as well. “Slicker brushes aren’t the best for deshedding; you’ll want an undercoat rake for long-coated dogs and a rubber brush for short-coated dogs for best results.” 

She also recommends using a grooming spray. “This will prevent your dog’s skin and coat from drying out while you brush them.”

By adding a slicker brush to your dog’s at-home grooming routine, you can keep their coat shiny, healthy, and free from tangles. Choosing one of our favorite groomer-recommended brushes is a great way to start!