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Ear infections are one of the most common reasons for dogs to visit the veterinarian. Once an ear infection gets out of hand or doesn’t respond to treatment, it can become an ongoing and frustrating problem. Fortunately, regular maintenance with a dog ear cleaning solution can help prevent many infections from occurring. 

Recently, I had an opportunity to try Silver Honey® Rapid Ear Care products on my 20-month-old, floppy-eared American Cocker Spaniel, Alvin. I noticed a slight odor and some debris in Alvin’s ears, so the timing was perfect. He had recently seen the veterinarian, so I knew he didn’t have an ear infection. 

No matter your dog’s size, breed, or age, they can get ear infections and should have regular home cleaning and maintenance based on your veterinarian’s recommendation. 

Read on to find out what happened when we tried Silver Honey’s antibiotic-free and veterinarian-developed ear care products for pets.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dog’s Ears Regularly

Dogs have an L-shaped ear canal that is long and narrow, making them more prone to ear problems. Without regular home cleaning and maintenance, your dog can accumulate debris, dirt, and wax in their ears, which can lead to infection, pain, and other issues.

A thin membrane separates a dog’s outer ear canal from the middle ear. This is called the eardrum or tympanic membrane, and it is very fragile. Therefore, it is essential to clean dog ears with the right product, in the right amount, and using a safe method.

As a Cocker Spaniel mom of 30+ years, I know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure for dirty ears. It’s easier to clean your dog’s ears at least once a week with a product like Silver Honey than to deal with recurring ear infections. 

What Is Silver Honey?

Silver Honey is a trusted brand from W. F. Young, a family-owned and operated business and a pioneer in the animal health and wellness space since 1892. Other trusted brands in the W.F. Young family include Absorbine® veterinary liniment and The Missing Link® nutritional supplements.

As a dog parent, you may be familiar with Silver Honey’s Hot Spot and Wound Care, a formula that combines the natural power of medical-grade Manuka honey and elemental silver (MicroSilver BG®) to help soothe skin and heal infections without the use of antibiotics. These two healing agents can also be found in Silver Honey’s new Rapid Ear Care line for dogs and cats, which includes:

  • Ear Wipes: Ideal for ongoing cleaning and maintenance to keep bacteria out of the inner ear (50-count container)
  • Ear Rinse: Soothing cleaning solution that flushes debris, dirt, and wax from the ear (4 fl oz bottle)
  • Ear Treatment Kit: Two-step system to soothe pain and treat ear infections naturally in 10 days (4 fl oz rinse and five, 1 mL pre-measured concentrated doses)

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care for Dogs: How to Use

Each Silver Honey ear care product is designed with a specific purpose and function. I used two of the three products for my Cocker Spaniel’s home care ear cleaning regimen. 

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Vet Strength Ear Rinse

Because I am familiar with the structure and anatomy of a dog’s ear canal, I felt comfortable following the instructions provided for the ear rinse. You should always check with your veterinarian to determine the frequency of cleaning your dog’s ears.

This ear rinse is designed to be gently squirted into your dog’s ear to fill the canal and massaged for a few seconds. Your dog will then shake their head, which loosens debris, wax, and dirt, which you can gently wipe away with a cotton ball. It is also gentle enough to be used daily if needed. 

Keep in mind that the ear rinse will not kill ear mites. Its purpose is to keep ears free of debris and prevent ear infections. 

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Vet Strength Pet Wipes

The pet wipes are ideal for gently wiping debris from your dog’s outer ear. By preventing dirt, wax, and debris from entering the inner ear, you decrease your dog’s likelihood of an ear infection. 

To use, wrap the pad around your finger, hold your dog’s ear open with your other hand, and gently wipe. You should use caution not to push debris or dirt into your dog’s ear. Use a fresh wipe for each ear, and never reuse wipes. 

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Vet Strength Ear Treatment

This two-step system includes the ear rinse and five concentrated ampules to treat otitis (ear) conditions, including fungus and yeast while reducing ear odor.

The rinse is to be used once a day, as indicated earlier. One concentrated ampule should be squeezed and massaged into your dog’s ear every other day after rising. 

Only your veterinarian can determine if your dog has an ear infection and recommend the best course of treatment. 

Putting Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care to the Test

The writer squirts Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care Rinse into her dog Alvin's ears

My Cocker Spaniel Alvin tried Silver Honey’s ear rinse and pet wipes for our test. My dog is familiar with ear cleanings, as we perform them one to two times a week at home. If your dog is not used to ear cleanings, start slowly. It can take a few days or weeks before your pooch accepts ear cleaning. 

Start by handling your dog’s ears and touching them with your fingers without the ear rinse present. Praise and reward your dog with a treat or play session. Move on to showing them the bottle and touching it to their ear, but don’t put any solution in the ear canal. Praise and reward your dog. Do this for a few days. 

Gradually you will begin using the product on your dog. I suggest trying the ear wipes first since they are for outer ear usage. 

I tell Alvin, “It’s time for ears” and he perks up because he knows a treat is involved. I warm the bottle up by rubbing it between my hands for a few seconds. I gently squirt the Silver Honey ear rinse into this canal, rub for five seconds, and let him shake his head. This process is repeated on the other ear, and we then wipe debris away with a cotton ball. 

Never use a cotton swab or anything similar in your dog’s ear canal. You can make matters worse, damage their eardrum, or push the debris deeper into the ear. 

We used the Silver Honey ear rinse twice a week and the ear wipes each day before bed on Alvin. After two weeks, Alvin’s dirty ears cleared up, and his canals smelled fresh and clean. 

If your dog has red ears or you see any unusual ear debris, color, or discharge, make an appointment with your veterinarian first. 

Things We Like

  • Contains no antibiotics. I like cleaning my dog’s ears with a product that doesn’t require a prescription or harsh antibiotics. 
  • Does not sting. None of the ingredients irritate my dog’s ears. All Silver Honey products are non-toxic.
  • Preventative care. The Silver Honey ear rinse and pads are designed to prevent ear problems, so you can stay one step ahead and avoid costly veterinary visits.
  • Revolutionary care. Because they are the first company to release a product with both medical-grade honey and MicroSilver BG, my dog is getting fast-acting and cutting-edge natural care. 
  • Veterinarian developed. I take comfort in knowing the Silver Honey line is developed by a veterinarian.
  • Scent. The products contain citrus lemon peel oil, so they are clean and not overpowering. I have a few allergies, but this scent did not bother me at all. 
  • Products that work together. I love using the rinse and following up with the ear wipes. This is convenient, smart, and works extra hard to keep dirt and debris from forming in my dog’s inner ears.

Things to Consider

  • Size of bottle. As a dog mom who does ear cleanings one to three times a week, I would like to see a larger bottle. Right now, Silver Honey offers a 4-ounce bottle. 
  • Bottle tip cleaning. If you are sharing the ear rinse with multiple dogs in your household, always clean the tip thoroughly.
  • Check with your veterinarian first. Before you start any ear care regimen, always clear it with your veterinarian to ensure the right products are being used for your individual dog. 
  • Overusing. Although the ear rinse can be used daily, it doesn’t mean it should be without veterinary direction. Excessive use can disrupt a dog’s natural pH balance and potentially lead to ear problems. 
  • Watch for adverse reactions. As with people, some dogs may become irritated or have a skin reaction to certain ingredients. Watch your dog closely to ensure this is not the case.

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care: Our Verdict

Silver Honey Rapid Ear Care products are revolutionary and sure to be talked about among dog parents—especially those with floppy-eared dogs who are more susceptible to ear infections! I would not hesitate to recommend Silver Honey ear rinse or pet wipes for regular ear cleaning for dogs. 

If your dog shows any sign of itchy ears or very foul-smelling ears, or if ear mites or an infection are suspected, talk to your veterinarian first. 

I plan to keep Silver Honey products in my dog’s supply closet and use them for regular ear care maintenance. Cheers to clean ears!

MicroSilver BG® is a registered trademark of Bio-Gate AG