Summertime, and the living is easy — especially if you’re a dog. For the next few glorious months, our canine friends will get to play on the beach, paddle in the water and bask in the sun without a care in the world.

To celebrate the start of longer days and warmer weather, we rounded up our favorite pups dressed up in summer attire. From hula skirts and board shorts to sunglasses and straw hats, we can’t get enough of these chic (and adorable) canine outfits.

Light the tiki torches, don your leis and get ready to hula — Carly the Norwich Terrier is throwing a luau and she’s inviting every pup in town.

PJ the German Shepherd puppy thinks that the beach towel wrapped around his head would be really fun to chew on. After all, he had a blast trying to devour flip-flops last week. He can’t help it if the corner of the towel just happens to keep falling directly into his mouth. It's the wind’s fault!

Cupid is counting down the minutes to 5 p.m. so he can get out of the office and hang poolside with all of his buds and his main squeeze — Mom.

Does that adorable black-and-white mug look familiar to you? Well, Leroy the Border Collie is actually a TV star. When he isn’t showing off his tricks on David Letterman or the Daily Show, you can find him playing Frisbee, taking long walks or enjoying his favorite warm weather activity — swimming.

Baby the Pit Bull doesn’t know what it is about gorgeous summer days, but she can’t help but smile when she’s basking in the sun. And we can't help smiling at her.

Cooper the Westie plans to spend his summer swimming in every body of water he sees — rivers, bays, lakes, streams, puddles — you name it, he’ll be ecstatically doggie paddling in it… in board shorts, of course.

Yuki the Lab mix thinks her new collar is absolutely adorable. At least, that’s what the humans keep telling her. Except the humans call it a lei, not a collar. They also keep giving her treats. Whatever it is that’s around her neck, she'll be happy as long as the treats and praise keeps coming.

Of her many skills, gardening might be Bea's strongest. The Pomeranian is fantastic at digging (even if her human begs to differ) and scaring away the all the squirrels and rabbits. And she can do it all in a sundress.

America’s favorite pastime isn’t just for humans — dogs love baseball too. In fact, Balty the Dachshund went to a Mets game and enjoyed it so much that he blogged about it. His highlights of the experience? Walking the bases, getting tons of attention and peeing in left field.

Bella heard through the grapevine that sunglasses make you look really cool — especially in the summer. Of course, she hasn’t heard a certain 1980s hit single by Corey Hart, so she’ll stick to sporting her awesome shades during the day.