Whether a Maine Coon, Manx or any of the 20 other black cat breeds recognized by The Cat Fanciers’ Association, we have a soft spot for felines with dark fur. Much like a jet-black sports car or a flick of Kohl eyeliner, these pretty kitties exude a mysterious, head-turning allure.

While some believe the superstition that a black cat brings bad luck, others insist that encountering one can ensure a happy marriage or safety aboard a ship. We tend to fall into the latter camp (remember our seven reasons to consider adopting one?). In case you need any further convincing, we’d like to introduce you to 13 of our favorite black cats on Instagram, felines we’d happily cross the paths of any day.

Meet Spot, a former feral kitten who now takes up residence with her human in San Diego. When not eyeballing salmon on the dinner table, this black cat enjoys a good Netflix and nap session. We’re feeling you, Spot.

Once the epitome of a scaredy cat, Indi was rehomed and is now the most lovable fluff ball on the block. Part Persian and part Birman, this green-eyed British beauty knows that good things come in small packages (namely treats).

With more than 20,000 followers, Mamba has quite the “fang club.” A polydactyl cat, he keeps the Halloween spirit afoot all year long, courtesy of his resemblance to Dracula.

Hey now, Whisper! A former foster of Beth and Howard Stern, this black beauty spends her days perfecting yoga poses in her forever home, which she shares with her humans, two other cats and a chicken named Sandy. 

Sun’s out, tongue’s out. Just another day in the life of this Exotic Shorthair. When her mommy isn’t dressing her up as a unicorn, sushi roll or pineapple, you’ll find Willow not-so-patiently awaiting her favorite day of the week: #tacotonguetuesday.

With his penchant for perching on high shelves, taking leash walks with Mom and playing in the bathtub, what’s not to love about Ros? Abandoned by his cat mother, he now shares his globetrotting adventures with his human mother and more than 7,000 followers.

Bronte (green eyes) and Chloe (yellow eyes) dish up a double dose of black-cat cuteness. We can’t decide which is funnier: their caught-on-camera attempts to steal the limelight from one another or their clever captions. Either way, this duo from Down Under does not disappoint.

We wouldn’t want it to go to her head, but this flower-crowned aspiring “meowdel” is quite the looker. Sophie offers her 160,000 followers a daily dose of cute, with plenty of sarcasm sprinkled throughout.

Guinness lives in London, sharing his home (lovingly) with his human and (begrudgingly) with a new kitten named Pimms. Whether you dig arty photos, fashion snaps or foodie pics, this stylish Insta account is quite literally the cat’s meow. And did we mention Guinness’ mom records his hysterical antics battling the window washers?!

We admit it: This tiny black rescue had us at his name. Still somewhat of a newbie to Instagram, Edward Scissorpaws can already hold a pose like a pro — until his human tries to adorn him with a bowtie, and then all bets are off.

Let’s get this out in the open: Raven has no time for snuggles or pausing to pose for pictures, and she’s never met a Monday she liked. This pretty “panther” is queen of her pad, and she knows it. Fans of snarky quips should give her a follow.

Who has 257,000 followers, a thing for naps and one heck of a grin? This girl! Instagram simply wouldn’t be the same if PrincessMonsterTruck’s two humans hadn’t rescued her off the streets of New York and shared her feline fierceness with the world. 

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