Brittany Dog Breed
The Brittany is typically a bright, athletic and family-oriented dog. He’s a French breed from the province of Brittany and was developed to point and retrieve in different types of terrain. Over the years, his skill as a hunting dog made him popular in other countries, and he has also become popular as a family dog thanks to his typically friendly personality. Learn more about this generally happy guy and see if he might be the right breed for you. 

They can make good running buddies.

The Brittany is no couch potato: He tends to be playful and athletic, with a high energy level. Those traits can make him a good running partner, and he can also do well at canine sports like agility. Just be sure to clear any new exercise routine with your veterinarian before hitting the streets.

They can make good family pets.

The Brittany tends to be affectionate; he loves children and is protective of them. He can usually get along with other dogs and can also learn to get along with cats if he’s raised with them.

They tend to be fast learners.

The Brittany is generally intelligent and willing to please, which can make it relatively easy to train him and teach him tricks. The Sporting dog also tends to pick up hunting skills at an early age.

They’re generally easy to groom.

The Brittany has a short coat with a little feathering on his legs and belly, so he tends to be easy to groom. A weekly brushing will help keep his coat neat and will help keep loose hair off your floor, since he sheds moderately.

They can make good watchdogs.

Unlike many other Sporting dogs, the Brittany tends to be wary of strangers. That trait can make him an excellent watchdog.

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