Goldendoodle dog breed

The Goldendoodle, a cross between a Golden Retriever and the Miniature or Standard Poodle, tends to be smart, outgoing and social, much like his parent breeds. Just keep in mind that while the hope of designer dogs like the Goldendoodle is that they’ll have all the great qualities of their parent breeds, breeders never fully know which personality traits and physical characteristics will surface. Learn more about the Goldendoodle and whether he might be the right dog for you.

They can make good guide dogs.

In general, their temperament, intelligence and often uncanny ability to communicate with people means some Goldendoodles can make good guide and service dogs.

They can make good family pets.

The Goldendoodle is often friendly and devoted to his family. Although he tends to be inclined to be careful around infants and toddlers, and can be a great playmate for older children, this can vary, depending on his genetics, socialization and other factors.

They come in many colors.

Like his Poodle parent, the Goldendoodle can come in a variety of colors. Additionally, he can have different types of fur. Some Goldendoodles look like shaggy Retrievers, some may resemble a Poodle with loose curls and others will fall somewhere in between.

They tend to be trainable.

Many Goldendoodles enjoy learning and tend to work well with people. If you use positive reinforcement techniques, showing him what you like by rewarding him with praise, play and treats, you may be surprised just how quickly he can learn.

They often have a moderate activity level.

Most Goldendoodles need a good walk or active playtime each day. They’re also often athletic enough to participate in dog sports like agility, flyball, obedience and rally. (Just be sure to consult your veterinarian before starting a new exercise program with your dog.)

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