Afghan Hound lying on couch
The glamorous-looking Afghan Hound stands out in a crowd with his long, silky, glamorous coat. He’s generally an aloof and dignified dog — except when he’s being silly. He’s from Afghanistan, and British military officers brought him to the West after being posted to the India-Afghanistan border. Learn more about the Afghan Hound and whether he might be the right breed for you.

They’re not lounge lizards.

While the Afghan Hound does tend to enjoy time on the couch, he has a strong instinct to run and chase. He needs daily exercise and (health permitting) can excel at agility, obedience and rally.

They give you a good excuse to slow down and bond with them.

Grooming your dog — any dog — is a perfect opportunity to deepen the bond you share, and that glorious coat we mentioned earlier will give you ample opportunity for grooming. Expect to brush and comb your Afghan Hound’s thick, silky hair three times a week to help prevent or remove mats and tangles. If you bathe him frequently, you may also want to invest in a professional dog blow-dryer. 

They’re independent thinkers.

The Afghan Hound is often highly intelligent and learns quickly, but he may not always respond to your commands if he doesn’t feel like it. However, he can be trainable if you use positive reinforcement techniques, particularly food rewards.

They’ll help you keep the kitchen in order.

The Afghan Hound’s height — 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder — and his appetite can make him prone to counter surfing, so you’ll need to make sure food is always kept out of his reach. If you need an added incentive to keep your kitchen clean, you’ll have it with an Afghan Hound in the house!

They’re often calm companions.

The Afghan Hound tends to be reserved and not overly demonstrative. Though he can be gentle with children if raised with them, he doesn’t tend to be overly playful. However, he does tend to bond deeply with his family.

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