Pomeranians might be small, but they are way more than just tiny fluff balls who happen to fit in your purse. You see, Poms are kind of a big deal — and here is definitive proof.

We know who really starts fashion trends — and it’s not Vogue.

Fashionable Pomeranian wearing jean overalls

Poms don’t have to ask to be carried around like a baby. It just happens.

Pomeranian being held like a baby

Can you think of anyone who’s classier and more debonair? Didn’t think so.

Classy gentleman Pomeranian

It’s truly impossible to resist their shoe-button eyes. Believe us, we’ve tried.

Bea the Pomeranian staring into camera

Fact: Pomeranian best friends are the best best friends.

Pomeranian best friends

The word Pomeranian is basically a synonym for adorable. So you can say, “That straw hat you’re wearing is so Pomeranian,” and it’s a huge compliment.

Pomeranian running

And which breed of dog is the cutest in the world? That’s right — it’s the Pomeranian.

Boo the Pomeranian