Welcoming guests who have cat and dog allergies into your home can be stressful for a good host: The last thing you want them to do is start sniffling and sneezing. Fortunately, with enough preparation and a little elbow grease, you can help ensure that your visitors won’t be constantly reaching for the tissues when they come for dinner — or even an overnight stay. 

To help you rid your home of pet hair and dander — the culprit that causes pet allergies — we rounded up some tips and tricks from our experts. Whether you’re hosting a cocktail party, a holiday feast or a weeklong get-together, this handy infographic will turn you into the host with the most. Most welcoming home, that is!

Looking for a larger version of vetstreet.com’s infographic? Go to this link and click on the image.

Prepare Your Home for pet Allergic Guests Infographic

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