Today is one of our favorite holidays: National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. To celebrate, we've picked some of our favorite reader-submitted photos of their adopted dogs and paired them with the nine facts that people who rescue dogs know to be true.

You didn't rescue them — they rescued you.

Rusty Rescue Dog

Somehow, they always seem to know they were saved.

Kili Rescue Dog

They clean up pretty good.

Logan Rescue Dog

Adoption day is a yearly celebration. Like a birthday, but better.

Gypsy Rescue Dog

You get to make up awesome breed names for them.

Snickers Rescue Dog

Rescue a dog and you will never be unloved.

Mouse Rescue Dog

Rescue dogs live in the present, never the past.

Tully Rescue Dog

There's always room in your heart for another.

Hogan and Kevin Rescue Dogs

You may think you chose them, but they know better.

Cotton Rescue Dog

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