Most cats and dogs may not have their own Instagram or Snapchat accounts, but we know they dominate yours! And, of course, a staple of Internet photo sharing is the selfie. Selfies, for those not in the know, are self-portrait photos typically taken with a smartphone. They’re all the rage among the human (and animal) set. We asked our Facebook fans to submit their pets’ best selfies — and we’re sharing our favorites.

Strike a pose with your besties.

Two Cats Selfie

Never underestimate the power of an awesome filter.

Horse Selfie

Angles are very important.

Dot the Brittany Selfie

Ooh, this one’s pretty good.

Selfie Cat Closeup

Nailed it.

Selfie White Cat

Sometimes it’s OK to share with your human.

Dog Selfie With Human

But watch out for relentless photobombers.

Poodle Selfie

When you smile, it can be cute to show a little tongue.

Senior Dog Selfie

But not too much.

Chihuahua Selfie

Don’t worry if the lighting isn’t perfect. It’s just a selfie, after all!

Selfie Cat

Channel your inner Beyoncé: "I woke up like this." You are flawless.

Lab Mix Selfie

And, finally, remember: Practice makes perfect!

Selfie Pittie