Pug looking guilty with torn apart stuffed monkey

Do you have a furry friend that rummages in bathroom or kitchen wastebaskets, only to proudly produce tissues, chicken legs or an assortment of other embarrassing discarded objects? This behavior is very rewarding to the pet who indulges in it (after all, it's guaranteed booty every time), so it's a very hard habit to break.

A complicated approach involves trying to booby-trap the cans by buying motion-detector noisemakers or mats that give animal trespassers a small electric shock.

However, an easier, kinder and more reliable way to solve the problem is to simply remove the temptation. For some pets, a lidded trash bin will solve the problem. For others, you'll need to put the bin behind the door of a cabinet or pantry. Sometimes changing your behavior is the most efficient way to change your pet's behavior — and the strategy is easier on you both.