Did your employer let you bring Fido into the office this morning for Take Your Dog to Work Day?

Well, staffers at The Daily Show are allowed to bring in their pups every day — a tradition that started 15 years ago, thanks to support from the building’s management and Jon Stewart.

Our friends at The Bark magazine recently got a behind-the-scenes look at the dog-friendly workplace (see the below slideshow), where pets hang out on set and even take over Stewart’s desk.

Parker and Ally, who are regulars at the office, get comfortable atop Jon Stewart's desk.

Chihcalina hangs out on set. We'd like to see her behind one of the cameras!

Editor Eric Davies carries French Bulldog Zuzu through the offices.

Jocelyn Conn doesn't seem to mind sharing a desk — and her chair — with canine coworker Ally.

Kweli patiently waits for a staffer to throw her toy.

Teddy poses atop his owner's desk. We wonder if he's any good at writing jokes.

Aunt Blanche greets visitors at The Daily Show offices.

We've already seen Ally sitting on Stewart's desk and lounging in a coworker's chair. It's clear who really calls the shots around here.

Zuzu hams it up for the camera.

Staffers pose with their pups on set.

Supervising producer Tim Greenberg describes the office as “a giant dog playground. The dogs run around, and there are at least eight to 10 treat stations.”

Although Stewart’s French Bulldogs, Smudge and Barkley, don’t come to the office, the host told The Bark that the show's canines are “really the cream of the crop, all have been to military school, their behavior is impeccable, their manners are impeccable, their English is impeccable.”