Dogs of Instagram

A while back we let you in on the cuteness that is #pugsofinstagram, one of our favorite pet-themed hashtags. But why should Pugs get to have all the fun? Sure, everyone loves their curly tails and adorable, wrinkly faces — but aren't there other breeds that are just as Instagram-able? Of course.

Hence, #dogsofinstagram. We can't get enough of this awesome (and more inclusive!) hashtag. Hipster dog? Check. French Bulldogs taking a nap? Check. Tiny puppy sleeping in a laundry basket? Dogs watching the Democratic National Convention? Golden Retrievers sharing a massive stick? Check. Check. Check.

Head on over to Twitter to see the rest of the great photos filed under this hashtag. And stay tuned for more of our series on the best #____ofinstagram hashtags. Until next time!