Every pet lover knows there’s no one better to ask for fashion advice than a dog who’s tasted her fair share of shoes. And when you’re standing in front of the mirror, who’s more brutally honest about your outfit than a cat? In that spirit, we collected some fun fashion advice from cats and dogs. Listen up! These stylish pets know what they’re talking about.

1. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

 Zoe the Pomeranian in Dress

2. Give your basic black a pop of color.

Oreo in Suit

3. Leopard print is classic — but only in moderation.

Simba the Cat in Bow Tie

4. Go for a hairstyle that complements your facial features.

Dog Wearing Wig

5. A great pair of shades gives your casual Saturday look a boost.

German Shepherd in Sunglasses

6. Sneakers go with everything — including formalwear.

Jack Russell Terrier Dressed Up

7. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

Dog in Rain Outfit

8. No matter the season, a scarf is a perfect accessory.

Dog Checkered Hoodie

9. Remember this: Personal style is about expressing yourself.

Cat in Blue Hoodie

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