Catnip-filled felt hearts, two for $5 from SmilingFrogPets

It’s no secret who’s at the top of our Valentine’s Day shopping list: our four-legged friends. Always.

We've been searching for the perfect gift for our lovable cats and dogs — and yours! We've found a couple of winners from Etsy that promise to make the day even more special for everyone.

Feline Fabulous

Your favorite feline will go crazy for these Sweetheart Catnip Felt Hearts.

What’s more heartfelt than a handmade gift? OK, so you didn’t make it. Your cat won’t mind! And he’ll have a very happy Valentine’s Day when he plays with these catnip-filled toys.

For $5, you get two of the 3- by 3.5-inch cat toys from SmilingFrogPets.Your purring pal will definitely agree to be your Valentine.

Sweetheart Be Mine hat, $18 from Sweethoots

Dashing Dog

We're head-over-heels in love with this custom-made Sweetheart Be Mine hat from Sweethoots. But there’s a downside to this adorable gift: Your pup will be stealing all the attention on Valentine’s Day.

These crocheted hats are made to fit your dog’s measurements, for $18. And — even better! — you can get a made-to-match hat for yourself.  Now that’s true love!

Do you have more gift ideas? Share them in the comments!