cat in sack
Cats need activity throughout the day, and SmartyKat’s new cat product line is specifically designed to keep your cat mentally engaged and physically active. I had an opportunity to check out SmartyKat’s most recent offerings at Global Pet Expo 2014.

When your cat doesn’t get enough activity, his extra energy may be channeled into less-than-ideal behavior, like clawing your furniture. A cat who’s not getting enough enrichment may also be stressed, which can negatively impact his quality of life.

It’s important to provide your cat with appropriate physical and mental stimulation — and with the SmartyKat line, this is easy to do. 

Many of SmartyKat’s products run electronically and are designed to promote self play, keeping your cat busy even when you’re away. Others promote bonding by encouraging play between you and your feline. The entire line engages your cat’s sense of sight, sound and touch.

SmartyKat has released three new toys that caught my eye; each one provides ample enrichment at an affordable price point.

The Scamper Bug is a remote-controlled electronic toy that moves erratically across the floor and keeps your cat thinking and moving. It retails for $19.99.

cat chasing a toy bug

The Krackle Sack is a bag your cat can hide in; it makes a scrunching sound and is filled with sure-to-please cat nip. The Krackle Sack retails for $12.99.

The Loco!Motion is an electronic feather toy that moves at different speeds to simulate a cat’s predatory instincts. This toy will keep your cat busy even while you’re away from home. The Loco!Motion retails for $29.99.

SmartyKat products are available at Walmart and Target. To find out more about the SmartyKat line, visit

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