Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes

We love jamming out to music with our wireless or Bluetooth speakers, and now our pets can too. Among the many new pet products at Global Pet Expo, we found Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes, an individual battery-powered Bluetooth speaker that comes preloaded with 10 to 12 tracks especially created for cats, dogs, horses and birds.

Composed by recording artist Jean Marlow, the music in the speakers is calm and soothing for cats and dogs and active and engaging for horses and birds. Marlow was inspired to create music for pets 19 years ago after she brought her injured elderly cat to the vet for emergency surgery and noticed that there wasn’t any music playing. She didn’t like the sterile environment, so she went to the hospital every day and sang for her recovering kitty. When her cat eventually passed away, she began doing research on the frequencies that animals like to hear — and then started composing.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or if your cat isn’t thrilled about going to the vet, a Pet Tunes speaker might be able to help soothe their nerves.

Pet Acoustics Pet Tunes, available at for $49.95.