Have you ever tried to take your cat for a walk? If you think your cat might enjoy it and you’re up for the experience, we’ve found a great new product for you at Global Pet Expo 2014.

SturdiPet™ Walking Vest by Sturdi Products provides cats and small dogs with safety, comfort and style while they enjoy the great outdoors with their favorite human.

We like this vest because it's lightweight and fits snugly around your cat’s upper torso to keep him — and you — feeling secure about being out in the "wild." 

Attached to a 5-foot leash, the Walking Vest keeps your kitty safely by your side, instead of bolting across the street in pursuit of squirrels.

Available in both small and medium sizes, the snag-free, microfiber vest is perfect for medium-sized cats and small dogs and uses easy snaps to adjust the fit. Proper fit is important for any pet harness, so make sure to review measurements at the Sturdi Products website to determine which size offers the best, most comfortable fit for your little buddy.

And the Walking Vest is not just functional. Stylish colors and patterns like ripe persimmon, animal rivers and a new cheetah print (available on the website soon) offer your kitty some catwalk-worthy style too.

As always, pay attention to your cat’s body language to ensure he’s comfortable and happy. If he doesn’t seem to enjoy the leash, do him (and yourself) a favor and escort him back to the couch for a catnap instead.

SturdiPet™ Walking Vest by Sturdi Products, $17.95 at www.sturdiproducts.com

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