Grooming dog

You don’t need a ring or a fancy trophy to prove that your dog’s a star, but keeping him groomed like a show dog certainly couldn’t hurt, either!

Grooming your pet helps keep him healthy and comfortable, and it makes things a whole lot cleaner and easier when you go in for your daily cuddle session. Two important things to keep in mind before grooming any animal are to be patient and to go slow. If you’re anxious or nervous, your dog may sense this and become upset himself.

With a calm and steady hand, be ready to take on the following tasks:

1. Brushing

Depending on how much fur your pet has, brushing can take anywhere from a couple minutes to a half hour or more. Different coats use different kinds of brushes or tools, and you should discuss ahead of time with your vet, or even with your groomer if you get your pet professionally groomed from time-to-time, which is best for the breed of dog you have. If your dog gets nervous when she’s being brushed, try only brushing her in a quiet area, and speak to her in hushed, soft tones while you work. You might also try bribing her with tasty treats as you go!

Be sure to take note of your dog’s body, and to go over all parts, while you’re doing this. That way you’ll be able to notice any changes in your pet that could require a vet visit, like inflammation or bumps.

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