They came from shelters, rescue groups and directly from the streets. These dogs and cats were lucky enough to be welcomed into loving homes — and they know it.

We asked you to send in pictures that show your rescue pet enjoying his or her new home, and we’re featuring our favorites in the gallery below. Click through to check out some photos that will make your heart happy.

Zee, a 1-year-old Border Collie, was adopted through Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue. She's pictured here with Filly, her 3-year-old black Labrador Retriever sister.

Hank the tabby was sad and skinny when his owner met him at her local shelter five years ago. But he quickly showed he was ready to be loved after spending more than a year in the shelter. Now, happy Hank has a full, fluffy coat and likes to sleep curled up next to his owner.

Make yourself at home! Roscoe relaxes in a recliner — pillow included. "He is loving his forever home and we are loving his love and devotion to us," his owner writes.

Nicole Shobe went to the local humane society looking to adopt one kitty. But she couldn't resist adding a second to her home when the shelter offered a 2-for-1 special. And now Kirito and Calcifer are "inseparable."

This "little adventurer" loves to go boating. His owner fostered Toby and his mom after they were rescued from a puppy mill, and she just couldn't let him go. He's one cute "foster failure!"

Annalia, who's named for her owner's grandchildren, waited at a shelter for four months until she was adopted. "She had such a sweet face it was love at first sight," Elaine Golding writes. We can see why!

Katten and Neko were adopted from the same shelter, six years apart. They're clearly soulmates!

Sookie was rescued from a shelter after coming in as a stray kitten. "She is a happy, healthy, comfortable girl!" Kenya Smith Lunsford writes.

Since she was adopted after being rescued from a puppy mill in Quebec, little Fizzgigg enjoys her mornings at the coffee shop. "She's a handful but hilarious," Rachel Wood writes.

Zeus the Maine Coon, who seems to know just how handsome he is, was a feral kitten before a shelter rescued him, his mother and a littermate. Here he is a year and a half later. His owner says he's the "sweetest cat ever."

Kiki, rescued last month, and Loui, adopted two years ago, get some love from their happy dad.

These two orange tabbies, Apollo and Peja, were "foster failures" permanently adopted from Lapcats Rescue in California.

Dahli gets comfortable in her new home. She's "a very sweet and happy girl," writes Dottie Johnson.
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