When the 140th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show opens in New York on Monday, there will be 2,700 contenders — including a special Shiba Inu who helped save his owner from a house fire in October. As smoke started to fill her second-floor bedroom, Tomi jumped hard onto his owner Julia Haight’s bed and pounced on her from heard to toe, trying to wake her. "He’s normally catlike, very graceful. But he was violently shaking. It wasn’t like him at all," Haight said. Haight realized what was happening and escaped from her Hicksville, New York, home, along with Tomi and the other four people in the home. "He was telling me something was wrong. Somehow, he knew," Haight said. Tomi is one of 14 Shiba Inus entered in the prestigious show. — Read it from the AP