Whether you're hiking trails an hour away or crossing multiple state lines, there's nothing quite like taking a road trip with your loyal four-legged friend. But the pleasure comes with its fair share of responsibility. What if your dog sniffs out the raisins between the seats and hoovers them up before you check the rearview mirror? In addition to making sure you've packed enough food and water for your pet, you need to know where to go in case there's an emergency.

Luckily, The American Animal Hospital Association noticed the upward trend in roaming Rovers and launched a pet-focused trip planner. The planner pinpoints veterinary clinics and hospitals along your route. Just plug in your starting point and final destination, and you'll not only get driving directions for your trip, but the name, location and contact information for pet help along the way. Of course, you can ask your veterinarian for recommendations, as well.