Pug dog breed
The Pug is one popular pup, thanks to his charming, fun-loving personality and wrinkly face. He was originally bred as a companion for Chinese nobility — and today he fulfills his role as a beloved lap dog. Learn more about this often lively, happy dog and whether he might be the right breed for you.

They’re often friendly.

Don’t be surprised if your Pug follows you from room to room. He tends to love spending time with his family and is usually good with other dogs, cats and children.

They tend to like to snuggle.

While the Pug does need some light exercise each day, he’s usually happiest when he’s cuddling in your lap.

If you’re a snorer, you’ll be in good company.

The Pug’s flat face makes him prone to snorting and snoring. You’ll probably learn to think of the noise as a unique lullaby. Just remember: His shorter muzzle can make him susceptible to breathing problems, especially in hot or humid weather, or if he’s overweight.

They’re often people-pleasers.

With his silly antics and clownish personality, the Pug usually doesn’t have to try very hard to make you laugh.

Their coats are relatively low maintenance.

In general, all it takes to groom a Pug’s coat is a weekly brushing with a rubber curry brush to remove dead hair. But you’ll be removing loads of hair — Pugs tend to shed a lot.

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