Lucky Diamond, the 15-year-old Maltese belonging to pet lifestyle expert, animal welfare advocate, founder of Animal Fair Media and best-selling author Wendy Diamond, has lost her battle with spleen cancer.

Wendy adopted Lucky, who has a wing named after her at the Humane Society of New York, in 1999. The little white pup proved to have an case of intense separation anxiety, leading Wendy to bring her along to dinners, business meetings and star studded parties — which is how the dog's fame really took off: Lucky holds the Guinness World Record for being the dog photographed with the most famous people. The celebrities — over 300 — include animal lovers such as Betty White and Kristen Stewart.

Wendy and Lucky spent over a decade working tirelessly to reduce the number of animals euthanized each year. Their latest effort was to be an unusual fundraiser, a Fair Tail Wedding, that Wendy began planning earlier this year when Lucky was diagnosed with cancer. Although Lucky is no longer with us, Diamond is going ahead with the project in order to raise awareness of canine cancer and other animal-related issues.

The wedding (which includes donated services estimated at a value of over $150,000) will still take place on July 12 at the Jumeirah Essex House in Manhattan to honor the popular pooch's legacy. Wendy is in the process of adopting another dog from a shelter, who will take Lucky's place in the nuptials. If all goes as planned, the Fairy Tail Wedding will set a Guinness World Record for the most expensive pet wedding in history.

She's still searching for the groom, however. Those who think their dog could be the perfect match can submit their pet's picture and heartwarming story on Wendy and Lucky's Facebook page for consideration. Tickets to the wedding can be purchased and donations can be made at Animal Fair.

In the meantime, our hearts go out to Wendy and all of Lucky's friends.