Shiner Solo, a miniature Australian Shepherd, is fluffy and adorable. With only one eye, he was the last of his siblings to find a home — but he certainly wound up with the perfect family.

Jordan Trent, 32, of Texas, was spending time with his family for the holidays when his wife came across the puppy, who was born without a left eye. Trent lost his own left eye when he was 15 years old after a piece of metal got into it when he was doing yard work, ABC News reported.

"My kids said, ‘Hey Dad, there’s a dog that’s blind in his eye just like you,’" Trent told ABC News. "I looked at it, and it was the cutest dog in the world. He was the last of the litter. We scooped him up and brought him home."  
His sister snapped a photo of Trent and his new best friend, and posted it to Reddit Tuesday, where it quickly went viral.

The puppy already has more than 6,500 followers on his Instagram account, @shiner_solo. That’s far more than his new owner, @onei_jordan!

Still, responses have poured in to photos posted on both accounts, including comments from fans who are also blind and inspired by Shiner Solo’s story. “I’m missing the same eye!!! It just makes us that much cooler! Glad you found your furever home!” one Instagram user posted on Shiner Solo’s account.

“He doesn’t know he’s any different, and we love him the same," Trent’s wife, Katie, told Fox 7 Austin.

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