Wegman Gameboard Throver

I know you’ll be inundated with gift ideas this holiday season, but after sharing my ideas for gifts for your vet, I couldn’t resist offering a few of my own favorites for the year.

1. Crypton Fabrics

Each year, Dr. Marty Becker asks us to nominate products for inclusion in his annual Good Morning America segment on gifts for pet lovers. This year, I suggested this stunner of a product, which is actually a fabric.

Crypton resists odors and stains so well that it’s being marketed in beautiful colors and patterns for pet beds and accessories. After my cat urinated on my gorgeous Crypton Wegman Gameboard Throver, I thought it would be forever tainted by the smell. Instead, I cleaned it with a disinfectant solution and he’s never peed on it again — a sure measure of odor elimination. They make beds as well.

2. Neko Flies

I always recommend at least one exercise-inducing cat toy every year. But Neko Flies is different: The fishing pole has interchangeable “lures” for cats with different destructive tendencies. I picked up dragonfly and mouse models, both of which appeal equally to my kitties Tybalt and Mambrú.

3. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain

I’m big on recirculating water dishes for pets. Not only are they easier to manage, but most pets will also drink more — a very healthy thing, especially for cats — when the water moves. This version (available at Petco and other big-box shops) has proved its merit in my household. Plus, it makes a loud noise if the water level is too low, which is great for busy people.

Huggle Hounds

4. Hugglehounds

My sister’s dogs are the rough-and-tumble types who can kill a toy in two seconds flat. Enter the heavy-duty Hugglehounds plush toys with Tuffut Technology. They’re made of dog-resistant fabric that’s sewn in three layers for extra durability. Enticing knots, multiple squeakers and zero stuffing (very important!) round out the design.

5. Safety Turtle

I love this pet safety device so much I take every opportunity I can to talk it up. I lost a dog to drowning, and I’ve since declared that I will never watch another pet drown. Hence, the Safety Turtle. Nothing is more important than supervision, and I’d never skip a life vest, but these collar-attachable sensors provide extra peace of mind. They signal loudly when they get wet — and they’re super cute!

6. Dog-e-Glow LED Collars

I thought they would be gimmicky, but these collars are so well designed I couldn’t help but recommend them as another safety device. My neighborhood lacks streetlights, so it’s helpful to have these for my dogs when we go out at night. According to the company, extra-small collars and harnesses will soon be available.

That’s my batch for this year. What are your favorite pet gifts?