Are you a toy dog owner who's open to new experiences? Or a proud hound parent with an even-tempered personality?

A new study out of the United Kingdom suggests that this might not be a coincidence. Dog owners subconsciously select breeds that match their own personalities, according to psychologist Lance Workman. He recently presented the survey's findings in London at the British Psychological Society's annual conference, the UK Press Association reports.

A team of researchers at Bath Spa University, assisted by the Britain's Kennel Club, analyzed online questionnaires completed by 1,000 dog owners. Participants answered questions about their personality traits and which types of dog they own, revealing links between the human personality and their choice of canine companion. Workman says that link may be attributed to owners picking a dog that fits their lifestyle.

The study found that owners of toy breeds and gundogs are conscientious and more likely to embrace change, and that pet parents with hound dogs are emotionally stable. Outgoing extroverts are drawn to pastoral dogs, like German Shepherds and Collies, and utility breeds, like Bulldogs.

Check out the UK Press Association's article for more information, and tell us: What do you think your dog's breed says about your personality?