Connor Guillet, a non-verbal 6-year-old, has quickly developed a sweet bond with a deaf 3-year-old Boxer named Ellie. Connor was born addicted to opiates and adopted when he was a month old by mom Brandi. A week before Christmas, Brandi was contacted by a rescue group in Florida about a deaf Boxer who responds to sign language. “I had a light bulb go off immediately,” Brandi said. “To think that Connor can sign to her and actually communicate with her made my heart melt.” The pair met the next day, and it was a “match made in heaven,” she said. “She was beyond gentle with him … there is something definitely special about Ellie.” The Guillets started with fostering Ellie, and she has become part of the family. They’re hoping to make it official with an adoption this week. — Read it at CBS News