bunny kissing booth

When you scroll through your Instagram feed, what do you see? Ours generally looks something like: Sleeping dog, famous athletes with dogs, video of cat playing, cat with doodles, celebrities' cats (and cute shoes!), dog at the beach, and OMG bunnies! (Do we know who to follow or what?)

Think about it. Some folks are dog people, and some are cat people, but have you ever met anyone who's not a bunny person? Which is why basically everyone should be following bunnymama on Instagram. (And considering bunnymama has over 402,000 followers, it looks like just about everyone is.)

If you think that posting pictures of all bunnies, all the time would get old, we've got news for you. Eddy and Rambo, the bonded brothers adopted by bunnymama, are adorably interesting subjects. From an incriminating video of Rambo stealing the foot right out of Eddy's mouth to sweet shots of the rabbits snuggled up and sleeping, there's never a dull moment on this account.

Oh, and get ready for Halloween. Photos of Rambo and Eddy in costume already populate the feed. We're more excited about this than we are about candy!

bunnies snuggling