March 10, 2017: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Puppy survives drug overdose

Lucky Texas Pup Adopted

In February, Lucky the puppy almost died after finding and eating his then-owner’s heroin and overdosing. Police found him inside a truck in a Home Depot parking lot and rescued him, and the North Texas Emergency Pet Clinic saved his life. Now, Lucky has a little more to celebrate — he was adopted Wednesday morning by a little girl who calls him her “dream puppy.” — Read it at People Pets

Baltimore’s Bucket List Cat Dies

Tigger, a 22-year-old cat who was adopted by a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader when he was abandoned at age 20, died last Friday night. Not long after Adriene Buisch and her boyfriend adopted Tigger two years ago, they discovered he had a large tumor and that his kidneys were failing. They began taking him on bucket list-style adventures, including trips to the beach and to Florida, and his story went viral. "I hope his journey helps cat and pet lovers know how wonderful it is to not only adopt but to adopt older pets," Buisch said in a Facebook post. "Witnessing the love and happiness of Tigger changed our lives." — Read it at The Baltimore Sun

3 New Spider Species Discovered

In what may be an arachnophobic’s worst nightmare, scientists have discovered three new large bird-eating spiders — and have reorganized the genus Avicularia, which covers hairy tarantula spiders, striking dozens more from the grouping. It was a “huge mess,” according to lead study author Caroline Sayuri Fukushima. The researchers sorted out the genus, which was first described in 1818, and named the three new species of spiders. The study is published in ZooKeys. — Read it at Live Science

Bellinger River Turtle hatchlings

In Rescue Effort, Zoo Breeds Turtles

Twenty-one tiny turtles recently hatched at the Taronga Zoo in New South Wales as part of a first-ever breeding program to save the Bellinger River Snapping Turtle from extinction. “There could be as few as 200 Bellinger River Snapping Turtles remaining in the wild, so these hatchlings have a vital role to play in rebuilding this population,” Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said. The long-term aim of the breeding program is to raise and release hatchlings back into Bellinger River. — Read it at Zooborns

Woman Pampers Pet Gator for Good Cause

Like many people, Pennsylvania-based photographer Angela Lance’s Instagram is filled with posts of her beloved pet. But there’s a twist: Lance’s pet is an alligator named Lilly. “I would have to say she is pretty close to being the most pampered gator in the world,” says Lance, who gives Lilly manicures and dresses her in stylish outfits. Lilly’s pampering is for a good cause though: Lance’s photographs appear on postcards and merchandise, and the money raised goes to various alligator rescue facilities. And despite the outfits, Lance wants others to understand the seriousness of owning an alligator. “I am definitely very passionate about the fact that people shouldn’t buy them without the understanding and realization of the amount of work and money and time they take. It shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a serious investment.” — Read it at People Pets