Is your pet afraid of common household appliances like vacuums and blenders? How about things that seem completely harmless — and more irrational — like microwave popcorn and ceiling fans?

We polled the Vetstreet Facebook fans to ask which items in their homes scare their pets, and here are some of the most common, most interesting and most eccentric answers we got.

"Great Dane is scared of the crockpot!"
 — Candice Hoerner

"The chimes of our grandfather clock."
— Joyce "JJ" Walker Wiebbecke

"I have a kitty who really hates my sewing machine, especially when I am winding bobbins and the machine is running fast."
— Charlee Harris Talor

"My Labrador is scared of tape. The sound of it unrolling scares her and she hides in a corner. Oh, especially the sound of duct tape! That's why every time I unroll duct tape, I do it slowly."
— Marie Janelle Tacloban

"My Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, is scared of anything that sprays, like the vegetable oil bottle."
— Maryjane Cook

"Our cat, Clyde, is afraid of my husband's rechargeable shaver. He bats it out of his hand every time."
— Janice Michael

"My dog is afraid of my SodaStream machine. It makes a fwoosh sound when the water carbonation is complete."
— Christa Lajoie

"I used to have a dog who was terrified of balloons, and of anything that resembled a balloon. My sister had an inflatable snowman that we'd put in the living room at Christmastime, and the poor dog was TERRIFIED. He completely avoided the living room for the entire season."
— Audrey Nickel

"My cockatoo is scared of the radio."
 — Martha Jackson

"I have one afraid of popcorn in the microwave."
— Marla Claudin

"Anything that beeps. My Jack Russell Terrier hides through the whole show of The Biggest Loser in her crate. She's petrified of the scale when it beeps at the weigh-in!"
— Michelle Doyle Messner

"My cat hates it when I tear off aluminum foil — he freaks out and dashes around the house. Plastic wrap, parchment paper, trash can liners? Eh, sometimes. But the foil is always a direct hit for a thorough freakout session."
— Chris Patzkowsky Cunningham-Smith

"My Pug doesn't like the vacuum at all!!! All I have to do is open the closet, and he goes nuts."
— Donna Wenck Fujikawa

"My Aussie shakes and drools... he's so scared of the low-battery warning chirp from the smoke detectors."
— Ann Marie McCain

"My cat is afraid of the ceiling fan."
— Pam Timmer Davidson

Don't worry — the pets in the pictures above are animal models, not the actual pets suffering from real fears. We wouldn't do that to them!

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