A severely neglected and abandoned dog is recovering, thanks to five kindhearted high school boys in San Antonio, Texas.

The boys were walking to their seventh-period classes one day earlier this month when they spotted the dog on the track at Harlandale High School. They wanted to go pet her, but when they got closer, they realized she needed help. She was starving and covered in ticks.

The boys moved the 6-to-7-year-old dog, who they named Londyn, out of the blazing hot sun and into a shaded area, and got her a bowl of water. Then, they stayed by her side until a representative from the school’s animal rescue group was able to pick her up and take her to Callaghan Road Animal Hospital for help. There, Dr. Eduardo Guevara determined she also suffered from heartworm.

But thanks to the boys, Londyn’s future is looking brighter. She’s getting the medical care she needs, and although it will take time for her to get better, she’s now on the path to finding a happy home.

“Londyn, I hope to see you soon. Maybe you can come and play with my dogs; I’ll take care of you, you know?” one of the boys says.

We’re sure Londyn would be happy to see her heroes again.

Harlandale Heroes – Londyn’s Story from Emily Porter on Vimeo.

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