While many of us are stuffing ourselves silly next Thursday, our poor cats and dogs will be perched under the table, waiting feverishly for even a tiny morsel of turkey or dressing. But while Fluffy might not be allowed to share in your delicious bounty, she should at least be thankful for the fact that she's not dressed up in Thanksgiving-related regalia like the pets below. Because we're pretty sure that having to wear a costume is even worse than not getting any turkey.

Here are our favorite four-legged pilgrims, turkeys and Native Americans, all of whom are wishing you a happy Thanksgiving (we think).

Well, this fine-feathered turkey dog looks good enough to eat. Just kidding!

Sporting a bonnet, petticoat and apron, this kitty pilgrim looks like she’s fresh off the Mayflower (and none too happy about it, either).

Baxter is thankful for daily walks, hugs from his owner, tasty treats and his comfy bed. But he’s not so thankful for his half pilgrim, half turkey costume. (Tilgrim? Purkey?)

Chief Rocky is still waiting for his invitation to participate in this year’s Macy’s Day Parade. He’ll hold a balloon string in his mouth if necessary. Whatever it takes.

Rusty assumed that he’d get to chow down on some turkey if he agreed to dress up like one. Unfortunately, Rusty assumed wrong.

What could be cuter than a cat in a pilgrim hat? A cat in a teeny tiny pilgrim hat, of course!