This kitten couldn’t have asked for a happier home for the holidays.

In a video shared on Facebook that’s sure to have you reaching for the tissues, a mom has a Christmas surprise for her two sweet sons. She tells the boys — each of whom is snuggling a stuffed animal cat — to close their eyes. When they look up, they see her holding a real live kitten.

We love how the older boy is so overcome that he hides his face in his sweatshirt, while his little brother tries to make sure it’s for real. “Wait! We’re really having a cat? Wait, do we really have a cat now?” he can be heard asking while Mom hands the kitten to the older boy.

Mom explains that they’ve waited a month for the kitten while he was at a foster home, and they’ve now adopted him.

“Making families complete. That’s why we foster,” Sauerkraut writes in a Facebook post accompanying the video. The kitten was known as Sassy Pants — until it was discovered she was a he! His name has been changed to Jenx, and you can follow him on Instagram, @jenxkitty.

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