I have a secret to share. Veterinarians and veterinary technicians talk about medicine constantly. We talk medicine at work, happy hour, the gym and the dinner table (much to the dismay of any weak-stomached diners who overhear us). Usually, our immersion in the medical world is a good thing. It helps us stay on top of our game, and knowing the lingo means we can explain ourselves more clearly to our colleagues.

However, this comfort with medicine does have drawbacks. For example, we sometimes forget that other people (some might say "normal people") are not veterinarians or veterinary technicians. We fall into our medical speak, and we fail to get information across clearly when it matters most.

If your veterinarian or veterinary technician does not explain something to your satisfaction, then please speak up. Ask as many questions as it takes to get a clear understanding of what is being recommended and why. Your pet’s health is worth it.
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