If you love camping, you may be looking forward to sharing your next trip with your dog. But how do you know where you can take your furry best friend and how to keep you and your dog safe? In this video, Dr. Sarah Wooten offers some useful guidelines for canine camping in wilderness areas, national parks, state parks and more.

One word of caution: Before you and your canine pack your gear and hit the trail, check with your vet to be sure that your dog is healthy enough to make the trip, and that his parasite preventive/flea and tick control medication and vaccines are up to date. If this is your dog’s first camping trip or if you’re not sure what his limitations might be in terms of hiking or walking, choose an easily accessible place that’s not too remote and has gentle terrain. Don’t put yourself and your dog in a situation where either of you needs to be rescued. Be smart and be safe.

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