If watching cute cat videos is one of your guilty pleasures (hey, don’t be embarrassed, the habit might actually be good for you), we’re about to make your day. We’ve rounded up some adorable videos of kittens falling asleep that are guaranteed to make you smile. We’re pretty sure you’ll want to watch them more than once.

Kitten Needs Kisses to Fall Asleep

This sweet kitty needs a bedtime kiss before he can fall asleep. If his mom ever isn’t available, we’d be happy to give this little guy a smooch and tuck him in!


Boris the Kitten Slowly Falls Asleep

Boris tries to fight sleep, but it eventually overtakes him. Clearly, being so adorable has taken a lot out of him. 


Charlie the Kitten Falls Asleep on Shoes

When you gotta snooze, you gotta snooze. And, if that means conking out on your owner’s shoes, so be it.

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