How savvy are you about herbs? Botanical remedies — that is, healing products from the plant kingdom — offer many potential benefits for cats and dogs, but they also raise big questions. The more you know about the ups and downs of herbs, the better, for both you and your pet.

Test your knowledge of herbal remedies with our simple quiz — and then watch the video below, in which Dr. Narda Robinson explores five common misconceptions about plant medicine, to find out which claims are true and which are false. How many correct answers did you get?

1. Herbs are safe and natural. True or false?

2. There are few to no bad side effects to herbs. True or false?

3. The label on a bottle of herbs accurately lists its contents. True or false?

4. An herb product doesn’t contain pharmaceuticals. True or false?

5. All herb products are plant based. True or false?
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