Fall is full of so many of our favorite things: football, pumpkin-flavored treats and, of course, countless photo opps featuring adorable puppies and festive fall foliage.

We found a few that we fell for — hard. And we suspect you might find them even sweeter than that pumpkin spice latte you had this morning!

You know you're truly ready for autumn when your pumpkin is twice as big as you are. (Granted, that's easier to achieve when you're just a tiny puppy, but still. This fella is totally prepared.)

This little cutie knows just what to do with a pile of leaves! Her hiding skills leave (pun entirely intended) just a little to be desired, but those sweet little puppy paws might actually be too precious to hide anyway. 

Hemi, a 1.5-year-old Saint Bernard, is getting the scoop on all things autumn from her older sisters, Hannah and Daisy. That story about the Great Pumpkin seems to have her a little bit concerned, so it's probably a good idea to save Dracula for another year.

Toby the Golden Retriever is loving the cooler temperatures and all the leaves to chase! Of course, Toby the Golden Retriever loves basically everything in life — that's kind of how Goldens work.

These Catahoula Leopard Dog puppies think fall is the most wonderful time of the year! But, then again, they have not yet experienced the snow in the winter, so let's not hold them to it just yet.

Sophie the German Shepherd heard that it's nearly time to choose a Halloween costume! Of course, with those impressive (yet darling) ears, we imagine there's little she can't hear.

This Vizsla puppy loves the rich, copper color evident in all the leaves on the ground this season. Maybe it's because it's a striking resemblance to the color of his own coat.

Things are looking up! Milo the Chihuahua heard a rumor that Thanksgiving was right around the corner, and while he doesn't exactly know what that means yet, he thinks it sounds wonderful.

You've gotta hand it to this Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Fall coats are always a big fashion trend, and hers is one of the most beautiful we've seen this season!
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