Cat taking a selfie
Do you ever wonder what would happen if cats and dogs had opposable thumbs? Would they still need us humans? We like to think that they would, if only to love them and take care of them — but here are a few fun things we think they might enjoy doing on their own, if they just had a more useful fifth digit. 

8 Things Your Pet Might Do With Thumbs

1. Text: We’re pretty sure your cat or dog would text you to pick up treats on the way home. And, also to ask when you’re coming home. And, if you’re bringing treats.

2. Hitchhike: Maybe your cat or dog fancies a vacation in a more exotic (or just warmer) locale. With the ability to hitchhike, he could make that dream come true. Long weekend in Florida, anyone?

3. Play Thumb War: Since your pet would be able to text (see #1), he would probably want to invite his friends over for a rousing game of thumb war. It might even turn into a tournament — in which case he will definitely need you to bring home more treats.

4. Open containers: With opposable thumbs, he could get his own treats out — although he would still need you to buy them for him. Fortunately, he’d be able to text you a reminder when he was running low (see #1).

5. Gymnastics: Cats are already super acrobatic, but with opposable thumbs your cat would be even more so! She could do cartwheels, backflips, handstands and more. Hey, she might even get so good that she starts to dream about being the first feline to win Olympic gold. It could happen!

6. Use the TV remote: Leaving the TV on for your pets when you’re gone is a nice gesture — but, what if they don’t want to watch Animal Planet all day? With opposable thumbs, your dog or cat could flip to ESPN or NatGeo or that weird channel that just shows fish swimming all the time. Whatever makes him happy!

7. Download apps: Pet not into TV? Maybe he’s more of a gamer. If he had thumbs, he could download apps on your smartphone or tablet — think Angry Birds, Pocket Zoo or Neko Atsume — or maybe just kick back and play Catlateral Damage on your computer.

8. Shop online: Speaking of using your computer, your pet could put his thumbs to work buying things online. Who wouldn’t want new chew toys delivered to straight to the door? And, then you could teach him to order his own snacks and stop texting you all the time!

What do you think your pets might do with opposable thumbs? 

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