Giant Schnauzer dog breed
The largest of the Schnauzer breeds, the Giant Schnauzer can be a great family pet — but he’s best suited for an experienced dog owner. He tends to be smart, stubborn and an independent thinker, and you need to begin training him early. Learn more about the Giant Schnauzer and if he might be the right dog breed for you.

They tend to like having a job to do.

This working dog is usually happiest when he has something to do and is mentally stimulated — think daily training exercises or participation in a dog sport like agility, obedience, rally or tracking. 

They generally like to exercise.

The Giant Schnauzer tends to be energetic and athletic. Plan on daily walks and playtime romps in the yard.

They’re often devoted to family.

Generally a loving and loyal family protector, the Giant Schnauzer’s natural instinct tends to be to watch over his family — and he’s capable of distinguishing between friends and people who mean harm. However, he may be less suited to homes with babies and toddlers — he can be very active and may accidentally knock a small child over.

They can be a bit messy.

The Schnauzer hallmark is a harsh beard and eyebrows… and that adorable facial hair will often drip water after he drinks. You may also need to wipe walls or furniture if he’s wet and shakes his head before you can get to a towel. 

They have a distinctive look.

The Giant Schnauzer’s signature look doesn’t come naturally. To maintain his distinctive appearance, regular grooming is essential, including brushing, bathing, hair cutting, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Expect to groom him about every six to eight weeks but brushing, nail trimming, and checking his ears should happen much more often than that.

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