Dog under the covers
It may seem strange to people that some pups like to sleep beneath the sheets on human beds, but the behavior doesn’t surprise Dr. Brenda Forsythe, DVM, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviorist and the owner of the Orcutt Veterinary Hospital in Santa Maria, Calif.

Dr. Forsythe says that this preference is normal for many dogs. Some breeds, like Dachshunds, are actually bred to burrow, so it would be more of a surprise if they didn’t want to cuddle under that fluffy comforter.

Theories behind why certain canines enjoy the cavelike comfort of slumbering under blankets range from a need to feel warmth and companionship while snuggled up to members of their human “pack” to a trait left over from ancestors who reared their puppies in small, dark dens.

If you’re not smitten with the idea of sharing your bed with a blanket-loving pup, consider getting him a cubby-style bed of his own, suggests Dr. Forsythe.

If you do enjoy sleeping with your dog, feel free to indulge your pooch — as long as he has a way to surface if he begins to feel too hot or claustrophobic.